Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Answers to An Inappropriate Question...

So, I was asked today by a friend of my moms if I was feeling "baby fever." I immediately thought of what an innapropriate question for someone to ask me. My husband and I haven't even been married a year yet. We have made it fairly clear that children are NOT in our near future, yet this person continues to ask the question. Except this time, I gave it a bit of thought, instead of just answering my normal, well rehearsed response. My new answer... (and by new answer I mean, my answer to justify to myself that we are definitely making the right choice, if you ask me, you are still going to get the rehearsed answer!)

Here goes... First, I have always wanted to be a stay at home mom. My hubby and I live very well right now. We are both using our degrees and working 40 hours a week. While I constantly see people sacrificing a salary for time with their child(ren), we are most definately not wanting to do that quite yet. I was spoiled as a child, having a mother who was a teacher, and a father who was home at the same time EVERY single night. Since I didn't choose the field of teaching like my mom, I would love to take a hiatus from work to raise my children. So that is reason one.

Reason 2... I am not ready to give up things such as going out with friends, and alone time with my husband. We got a dog last year for Valentine's day, and that was a change for us! We now had to come home at night, and had to think of how long she had been at home in her cage. I can't even begin to fathom the things that we would have to give up if we chose to have a child right now. And frankly, I am not ready.

My final reason is we want to be in a house. My husband and I never had to move around when we were children. We both lived somewhere, and moved once. That is a huge thing for me. Moving is terrible, and hard on anyone. I can't imagine having to do it with a child. Plus, we live in a little apartment right now. There wouldn't be any room for toys and cribs and everything baby related.

I know I have opinions and people don't agree with them. I am fine with that. I also wish everyone having a child, the very best of luck, just at this point in MY life, I am not ready for a child, and I get really sick of this question and the thoughts that go with it, so I am voicing my opinion here... because I know that when someone asks me face-to-face, my answer is still going to be the nice and polite version. I needed to get it off my chest!
And for now... that puppy above is my "child"