Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Drum Roll Please!!!

Ok, so I was going to wait until next week for my big reveal but I have so much to be thankful right now, I found it very fitting to share my news on Thanksgiving Eve...

So here goes...

Joe and I are having a baby :-)

It was a complete shock (we weren't even trying) and it's a lot to swallow right now ( a "good" lot!!!)

There is one catch to this news... if I'm friends with you on Facebook, please DON'T say anything yet. We go to the doctor next Wednesday (Dec. 1) and I'd like to wait until then to make our pregnancy "Facebook Official."

I'd appreciate all your prayers and thoughts right now as Joe and I enter a new phase in our lives.

And Andrea... there is a new job on the horizon as well, so you were almost TOTALLY right!!!

PS... Baby M will debut in July!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Sorry, it's been SO long since I've blogged, and I apologize for that.

I've just had a rough few months and decided that sharing them on the internet wasn't the best thing for me!

That being said, I'm back, and I'm better than ever!

Hopefully I didn't lose ALL my past readers... trust me, you'll want to keep reading!

Change is coming in my life and I can't wait to update you all!

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Two Weddings and A Funeral

Ok… not quite… but pretty darn close. This weekend/coming week has been “hectic” to say the least.

First, our second wedding anniversary was Sunday. Two years has totally flown by. I always said I wanted to have children once we’d been married for two years, and that has now come and gone with no children. To be honest, it kind of snuck up on us. It’s so hard to believe that I have been married to my best friend for two years, most of the time it feels like we’ve just been married forever. Our family forgets that it’s only been two years because we have been together for over seven. That’s a LONG time!

I had planned to write a nice long blog about how great our two years has been… and then… everything else happened. Check out my first year anniversary blog here to refresh your memory!

Second, Sunday was Father’s Day so we spent our actually anniversary with friends and family celebrating a totally different thing… our dads. What great men they are, and how great they have been to both our families. We are both so fortunate to have been blessed with these wonderful men in our lives. They have set great examples for my husband when we decide the time is right to have children.

Third, my mom’s best friend passed away on Friday. It was detrimental to our family. She was one of those women who touches literally everyone’s life she walks into. She taught second grade with my mom for years and she adopted my brother, sister, and I as her nieces and nephews. She carried pictures of us in her wallet, she sent us birthday cards (always with confetti in them), and she passed along her high heeled shoes for my sister and I to play dress up in. Every time we visited her house, we came home with makeup on, red fingernails, and bags of shoes to dress up in! She was truly a great woman. It was hard losing her, but it was really hard knowing that she was only a few years older than my mom. She died of breast cancer; it’s such a terrible disease. I took a few days off work to be with my mom and family. They had a wonderful service for her yesterday and they packed the church. Her procession was over 2 miles long. What a tribute!

Lastly, we have another wedding to go to this weekend. It should be fun. It was my neighbor growing up. We stopped by her mom’s house yesterday to drop off her gifts early and sat and chatted for a little while. I got time to think about the day that I married my best friend. It was truly the best of my life, thus far.

So that, my friends, is my two weddings and a funeral post. Now, do you see why my title was kinda-sorta fitting?

Thank you for stopping by!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Ladies... this is for you!

So, I've been selling women's relationship enhancement products for awhile now. It's a lot of fun, and something most people wouldn't think I would do.

Well I wanted to let you in on a little secret. I'm running huge sales through the summer and if you're interested, you can send me your email address. You just have to live within the continental United States and I can ship your products anywhere. I'm trying to make ends meet at home and so I'd be helping you out while you're helping me out!

It's a great tradeoff! :-)

Please send me your email address if you're interested and I can send you the email! Include your first and last name. You can email me your address if you aren't interested in having it in my comments. Email me at if you're interested!

Thursday, May 27, 2010


All my life, I've been one of those people who doesn't let others walk all over them, someone who says whether or not they're happy, someone who doesn't take any crap. Well, that has all changed since taking my job, and I'm not very happy about the change.

I feel like I have been "abused" at my job. I feel like I'm treated like someone who didn't graduate from college, someone who isn't supposed to be an accountant. I NEVER get to make any decisions, I NEVER get to put my two cents in, and if I do try and put my two cents in, I feel like my bosses choose to do EXACTLY the opposite. More days than not, I struggle with why I am even here since I'm just doing meaningless work. And by meaningless, I mean having EVERY single little thing I do nitpicked until it's not even close to what I started with.

Well, I was waiting until my husband found a job that he was enjoying, after all, he isn't even using his degree at his job, but I can't wait any longer. I am officially back out on the job market. Not officially, of course I have to keep my current job until said new job comes along, but still, I haven't looked at another job in over 1.5 years, but it's time.

I know one thing is for sure, I cannot do this for the rest of my life... and by this, I think I mean accounting.

Excuse me while I go scratch my lottery tickets :-)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Car Trouble

I seriously have the worst luck ever. Ever since I was driving, I have always taken my own car to get it serviced/oil changed/fix/etc. I don't need someone to hold my hand, and more importantly, I'm always either going somewhere or on my way home from somewhere. My dad always tried to help me out with my car, but I never really needed it... or so I thought.

Well, I was wrong. The first time I took my car to get an alignment, I picked it up at the end of the day, and my car was pulling the OTHER way. I immediately turned the car around and marched back in and told the people. They told me there was no way, and to take it home and have my daddy drive it.

This didn't sit well with me. I'm the one paying, I want you to take another look at my car. After fighting with this ignorant man for a few minutes, I finally got in my car and drove to my dad's work. He drove the car and COULDN'T believe how bad the alignment was. He drove it back to the store and they fixed it immediately. UGH!

Last year, I took my car in for a routine oil change and tire rotation. I did this at one of those quick change places on my lunch break. As I'm sitting in the little room waiting on my car, the techs are tearing apart my car without knowing how to put it back properly. I take the car when they say they are finished and it sounds like the tires are going to fall off. I go back and they ask me "Sweetie, was it making this noise before or after you brought it in?" I almost lost it. They rotated my tires, but in doing so, they knocked a shield of some sort into my tire, so it was rubbing.

Then, yesterday I dropped my car off to get the front end fixed (tie rods and control arms went bad) under warranty. As I'm driving home after picking my car up, I notice that it sounds like I'm dragging something under my car. I pull over on the side of the road and call my husband. He doesn't answer. I call my dad and ask him what the h*** I'm supposed to be looking for, cuz it sounds like my car is about to fall apart. After getting UNDER my car in a parking lot of the Big Lots, I decided to drive the rest of the way home. While I'm on my way though, I call the dealership and tell them I will be bringing my car back in tonight/tomorrow because something isn't right. He asks me if I'm sure this is a NEW sound? Are you kidding me? I'm not a moron. And plus, he drove my car around before and after... did he hear the sound? He couldn't have not heard it, as my neighbor's heard it from inside their house when I pulled in the driveway.

We proceed to have a friend who is a mechanic stop over on his way home from work and take a look. Come to find out, another shield of some sort wasn't correctly replaced and was rubbing against more metal, causing this horrible noise.

Last night, I did something I never thought I'd do...

I handed over my car responsibilities to my husband!

I guess you can't have boobs AND be treated like a human at an autoshop. UGH!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Some Things About Me

I thought since this was my first ICLW week (thanks Andrea, I saw it on your blog, and got curious!) I would introduce myself!

Here are 100 facts about me that not everyone knows!

1. I married my best friend.

2. We've been together for almost 8 years (married for 2)

3. My sister is my best friend. We talk all the time.

4. Joe and I have been together since high school.

5. We've never even taken a break.

6. I'm an accountant.

7. I have no intention of doing this for the rest of my life.

8. I can't wait to have children.

9. I hold my husband's pinky finger instead of his whole hand.

10. I used to do that when I was a child.

11. My all-time favorite movie is The Little Mermaid.

12. My brother is very musically talented, and I envy him.

13. I cannot stand when people are late.

14. I also cannot stand when people don't return my call.

15. I freaked out when I turned 25.

16. I am deathly afraid of snakes.

17. I can't even look at a page in a book with a snake on it.

18. I am convinced that I will be eaten by a shark if I go out in the ocean.

19. I already have names picked out for all my children.

20. My husband wants to name all our boys with the same first name and different middle names, and call them by their middle names. The jury is still out on this one!

21. I would get married every year if my husband would let me!

22. I never wore a seatbelt until I got into an accident at 16 that it saved my life. Now, I never leave the driveway without buckling up.

23. I've gotten pulled over 4 times and only gotten a ticket once. I would say I was lucky, eh?

24. Taco Bell is my favorite fast food restaurant, even though it makes me sick EVERYTIME I eat there.

25. My parents made my husband and I wait until after college to get married. I was mad then, but I can't imagine being in school and married now.

26. I hate steak. I won't even try it now that I'm older.

27. The only meat I really eat is chicken. I will occasionally branch out, but that doesn't happen very often.

28. My husband is the chef in our house. If it didn't come from a box, chances are, I didn't make it!

29. I like all kinds of fruit, except pomegranite, since I'm allergic to it.

30. When I was a kid, I wanted hunter green carpet, only because my best friend had hunter green carpet. I hated it as soon as it was down, and my room at my parents house is still carpeted in hunter green... YICK!!

31. My husband never spent the night at my parents house. He thought it was disrespectful to my parents. They appreciated that!

32. We went to Jamaica on our honeymoon. It was TERRIBLE!

33. I snuck home every weekend during my freshman year of college to stay with my now husband. He lived a few miles from my parents and they never found out.

34. I tell Joe every year what I'm getting him for Christmas. I know I shouldn't, but I get so excited.

35. The above fact leads me to believe that I will make a terrible Santa when we have children.

36. My husband has wrapped up a box filled with nothing and put it under the tree because I unwrap gifts and re-wrap them just so I know what I'm getting.

37. I want to be a stay-at-home mom when we have children, but I cannot wrap my head around how we can do it financially.

38. Joe's best friends treat me like one of the guys. It's great to have so many friends.

39. While they treat me like one of the guys, they also kind of look after me in a sisterly way. They would do ANYTHING for me!

40. I hate driving in the snow.

41. I rarely do it, most of the time my husband has to drop me off.

42. Putting down my puppy was the hardest thing I've ever had to do.

43. I love getting comments from the bloggy world. It's such a neat world, without judgement and lots of cyber-hugs.

44. I wish some of our friends would hurry up and get married so there will be more girls around!

45. Joe's cousins keep having children and naming them the names I want to name our children. UGH!

46. I spend way too much time on facebook.

47. Hence the reason my husband calls me "his little stalker".

48. I used to be the tallest girl in class.

49. Now I'm 5'7" and my husband is 6'2" and I feel short next to him.

50. We bought our first house last year. We are still decorating and moving in, it seems.

51. I was sick the day we signed the papers because it was such a big decision.

52. We have a black lab named Riley.

53. She is like a child to us, she's spoiled!

54. I talk to my mom everyday on my way home from work. If she or I don't talk, we immediately think something is wrong.

55. I read 12 books on vacation this year! I love reading.

56. I love sleeping, and that is one of the major reasons why we don't have children.

57. I call my husband Jose.

58. Neither of us is Mexican.

59. I'm convinced that a male created seatbelts. They are the most uncomfortable things ever!

60. I never wear socks unless I'm wearing tennis shoes.

61. I love getting pedicures!

62. My sheets cannot be tucked into the bottom of the bed.

63. I don't keep my feet under the covers at night. They're claustriphobic.

64. Someday I will have a job that I enjoy, and the pay doesn't matter.

65. Going to a job you hate everyday is one of the hardest things I've ever done.

66. I worked at a mini golf course my first few years of college. It was so much fun.

67. That was my first job. My parents didn't make me work in high school.

68. My favorite vegetable is celery. I love sliced celery!

69. I will pick peppers out of ANYTHING I eat. I can always taste them and I hate them.

70. I can't drink water without lemon in it.

71. I ask for extra lemon when we go out to dinner just to be safe.

72. We have a king size bed, I'm not sure how anyone can sleep on anything smaller.

73. My best friend (not my sister) is talking about getting married. I've never been more excited for her.

74. Joe's grandpa hit on my grandma at our wedding. My grandpa didn't think it was very funny.

75. Doritos are my favorite kind of chip. I can eat the whole bag on any given day.

76. I love ice cream, but Joe hates it!

77. Before I started dating my husband, we spent the night in a hotel together. (Not like that... I had lied to my parents... I was in high school... and I was supposed to go camping with him and lots of friends (we weren't dating yet) but the plans fell through. He invited me to stay at his parents house and I said NO WAY. We ended up at a hotel room where he slept in a separate bed. That's when I knew he was special!)

78. I've never been in a wedding, except my own.

79. My husband is catholic and I'm not. It caused problems when deciding on a wedding venue.

80. My sister and I look nothing alike.

81. I wanted to be a physical therapist all my life. Don't ask how I got to become an accountant.

82. I can't stand when people whine.

83. I bite my nails. It's one of the hardest habits I've ever tried to break.

84. My in-laws own a coffeehouse.

85. I hate coffee.

86. My husband brought me coffee to school everyday in high school. I felt obligated to go out on a first date because of this coffee.

87. I got kicked out of my town's softball league for being too good.

88. I broke a girl's arm with one of my pitches.

89. I still own the car I drove in high school, although I've given it to my husband when we bought a new car.

90.My college softball team got to meet Ty Pennington and Paige from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. They did a house in Youngstown Ohio while I was going to school there.

91. My dog has a boyfriend across the street and they howl back and forth across the road at each other. It's the cutest thing.

92. We are by far the youngest people on our street. Both our neighbors are in their 90's. Needless to say, it's a very quiet street.

93. I do NOT have a green thumb. I kill everything!

94. I grew up with a pool, and I will have a pool in my backyard someday.

95. My in-laws were late to our wedding.

96. I made a no-stress rule on my wedding day, so I wasn't even worried when I was supposed to walk down the aisle in 5 minutes. They weren't going to ruin our day!

97. They made it with a few minutes to spare.

98. I love walking, and enjoy taking my dogs on walks daily.

99. I despise paying bills. They are HORRIBLE.

100. I love my life and wouldn't change anything about it!

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions or comments, I'd appreciate them!

Monday, May 17, 2010

We're Back

We're back from our whirlwind vacation, (or extremely relaxing and extremely too short vacation) to Mexico. It was b-e-a-utiful! We had weather between 89 and 95 degrees every day with a 5 minute rain delay on the last day at the beach. Believe me, I can deal with that!

Anyway... we did this really cool vacation through our travel agent, where you pick the level resort you want to stay at (they use apples and we chose 6 apple) and you choose the region you want to stay in, they call it the apple square deal. For example, we chose 6 apple, Riviera Maya, Adults Only. This means, we get no less than a 6 apple hotel, in the Riviera Maya, and no children. The price was significantly lower than even the cheapest resort in that grouping. We ended up at this posh hotel where everything was lavishly decorated. The food was delicious. It was awesome. We saved a ton of money too! Here are some pictures from the resort we stayed in. I'll try and post some of my pictures from the vacation soon!

Here's the resort's main pool. The swimup bar is located in this pool as well as two restaurants overlooking the pool. This pool was always packed, and I never once stepped foot in it, but I walked by it all week. Beautiful! We spent most of our days out on the beach overlooking that bright blue ocean!

This is a view looking down on the main pool from one of the restaurants. (And yes, it really did look like that!)

This really is what our room looked like. Every room in the hotel is a suite, which means you get this monster shower (with no door), a jacuzzi tub for two, and a huge bathroom. The only downfall was that everything was very open. This is fine for a married couple, but if you're going there with someone whom your only dating, it could get a little awkward when using the facilities (if you know what I mean!) The bed was honestly like sleeping in a cloud. I had the BEST NIGHT SLEEPS of my life right there in that bed! We also had a couch and tv, a table with two chairs, and a huge balcony which overlooked a pool and the ocean!

Those are just some of the pictures that I found! This place was uber-modern and everything about it was done to a T. I would love to go down there and stay at that same resort again! It was like another honeymoon for us. We had so much fun!

I'm not excited to be back home, and even less excited to be back to work. But I am excited to get wet puppy kisses from our little pooch when I get home today. I missed her, and my friend who works at the dog kennel said she moped around all week, missing us.

Stay tuned, more pictures to come later :-)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Is there a word for busier than busy?!

That’s how my life has been these last few weeks. First, I got really sick and lost my mind for a few days. I couldn’t go anywhere, or do anything for 3 whole days… probably should have been four days, but whatever…

Then I come back to work to a pile of sh** on my desk that needed to be done while I was sick. Gee, thanks co-workers for no help while I was out sick. I’ll remember that when you’re out sick, or having a baby, or breaking your arm, or pulling the muscles in your back (yes… all true stories of what I have helped out with in the past!).

Now, I’m in vacation mode. This past weekend, Joe and I went and bought him an entire new wardrobe. Thank you Burlington Coat Factory for not charging me and arm and a leg for pants that fit my husband. He was in dire need, but our checkbook wasn’t having any of that… so I do appreciate you being fairly priced. We came home with 4 stuffed full bags of clothes for Joe for only a little over $200.00. It was pretty much a steal of a deal! Now if I could only get 4 bags of clothes for that price, we’d be set. (And I’d have way too many clothes!)

This week at work is close week, which means that my week FLYS by… thank goodness. But… with vacation comes all the crappy stuff at work that I have to endure before leaving. Like, getting everything ready for me to be gone a week (away messages, emails sent out, forwarded voice mails… you get my drift!) Tonight I’m going to join the local library and pick up some good books for vacation. Last year, I read 12 books in the week. I’m going to have to get a lot of books again this year!

Tomorrow we have our first beach volleyball game. We’re playing on a co-ed 4 person league. We’re terrible. And… did I mention that I am going to be the only female tomorrow so that means that I cannot even sit, I’m going to have to play all the games. UGH!

Thursday I’m going to the nail salon after work and getting my traditional before vacation pedicure. I cannot wait. I love getting pampered and I love having my toes painted. I absolutely loathe painting my toenails, but I loathe more not painted toes!

Friday my goal is to get through work and then get home and finish up laundry and pack. Saturday morning I want to take my mom to breakfast for mother’s day, drop my dog off at the kennel, and… get everything ready to go (which means last minute runs to Walmart, packing, weighing our suitcase, etc.) finishing, I’m sure, just in time to leave early Sunday morning.

I’m sure I won’t be back on until after our vacation.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Kind Words

Thank you all SO MUCH for all the kind words from yesterday. My world was literally falling apart right before my eyes. I'm not sure what exactly triggered it, but I was an emotional mess yesterday.

I WAS able to sleep last night, THANK GOD, and I slept like a baby. It was probably one of the best night sleeps I've had in a LONG time! Sometimes I do just need to breathe. I used to work really REALLY hard on not letting things that were out of my control bother me. I've succeeded at not always letting the little things bring me down...

but yesterday...

was a totally different story. And it's so nice to know that you can turn to a group of fabulous people within the blogging community, and get exactly what you need.

Thanks again :-)

Thursday, April 22, 2010


It's currently 5:46AM and I have not been asleep since 10:30AM YESTERDAY!

Yeah, read it again if you must. I'm not quite sure how I am going to make it through today at work, but somehow (with lots of caffeine) I'm going to have to!

Ever had one of those nights where your head will. not. shut. up. Well that was last night for me. It started with Joe catching whatever the heck I've had for the past few days and him tossing/turning/coughing to start off my night. No big deal, I've been doing this since Sunday and Joe hasn't complained at all, I can do this! WRONG!

I move to the couch, where after lying there for 2 hours, decide to turn on the tv and watch 2 episodes of Desperate Housewives on the DVR. This brings me to approximately 3AM. I then proceed to call myself off work, thinking there is no way that I can go into work after only a few hours of sleep. Then I proceed to toss and turn and worry about my work. Are you kidding me.

So, here I sit, at 5:49, dressed for work, waiting until I can leave, hit the gas station and McDonald's all before starting work at 7AM.

There are so many things going on in my head right now, I can't even begin to explain. But allow me to try:

- I have this project at work due this next week because my boss doesn't understand the way work actually works, and that you cannot set a deadline 10 minutes after you assign something and expect it to be the way SHE WANTS IT!

- I had a sinus infection that has prevented me from breathing for the past few days. I've literally slept for the past 3 days (and failed miserably at any attempts to be any sort of wife this week!)

- My mom's best friend is dying of cancer. It started with breast cancer and has progressed and is now in her bones. Shes dying a terrible, painful, agonizing death and she's the same age as my mom. It's scary to think it could be my mom in this position.

- Joe is putting in for a new job at his work. Which is great, but becoming very stressful in our house. He's on pins and needles every evening and gets angry at me for asking for anything. I don't know how to let him know that I'm anxious too, without upsetting him. It's my personality to ask questions and be interested in every part of his life!

- My inlaws have planned an entire weekend for Joe's dad and grandpa's birthday, and have yet to tell us about it. I heard about the whole plan from my sister in law and it's very upsetting. My sister's birthday is also this weekend, and my family doesn't expect us to be there, they call us and ask. Now, I've "double booked" us, and my mother in law is not going to take that for an answer. I hate having to divide and conquer when I wasn't wrong in the first place!

- We are going on vacation in like 2 weeks. I don't have everything I want, Joe has lost like 40 lbs so we are going to need to buy him an entirely new wardrobe before we leave, and our money tree hasn't quite matured in the backyard yet.

Am I being crazy? Maybe it's because I've been sick these last few days, but I will be lucky to make it home this evening without having a mental breakdown at work.

Oh, and to top it off, it's nothing compared to what two of my co-workers have gone through in the past year, so I feel like I can't talk about anything at work because I don't want them to feel like I'm trying to make my situations worse when they have faced some pretty serious stuff.

I could really use some help here. Thanks bloggers :-)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Just Swiffer It

Ever wonder how words have become actions over time?

Well, much like Googling or Facebooking, Swiffering has become a verb in my household as well.

Hop on over to This, That, and My Blog's Jessica. She is giving one of those puppies away to one lucky winner!

Good Luck (but not too much luck, since I really want the Swiffer!)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Excuse me... MA'AM

So, today I got called Ma’am…

By someone old enough to probably have a child my age.

That was weird.

I’ve always struggled with when to call someone Mrs. vs. when to call them by their first name. I mean, after all, I am an adult now, I do work with adults much older than me on a regular basis and I OBVIOUSLY call them by their first name. They are considered my “peers” in a work environment. However, in a personal environment, I’ve been taught much differently. I’ve always been taught to address everyone (older than you) by Mr. or Mrs. followed by their last name. You are showing respect to said person. Well, if anyone starts to call me Mrs. M. I immediately correct them! Mrs. M is my mother-in-law! And while I enjoy BEING a Mrs. I do not want to be CALLED Mrs.

Is that weird?

***On a totally unrelated note... I'm still NOT BITING MY NAILS! This product is AWESOME! I actually have really nice nails now! And they are strong! I heart KICK THE HABIT!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates...

You never know what you’re gonna get, right?!
Well, yesterday, when I was sitting at home sick, I decided to do some internet shopping. (God blessed me with large ta-tas so in order to buy bras that fit, I usually have to shop online!) I remembered my Victoria’s Secret Secret Reward Card that I earned earlier in the month while shopping with my sister.

I actually considered not even looking for it because what were the chances that I would have one worth more than $10 in free merchandise?! Was it actually worth my time to dig through everything and try and find that stupid card?

The cards I speak of are a promotion being run in the month of April. Every purchase you make at VS, you receive a card. On it is an amount of money from $10 - $500. You don’t know what is on your card until you actually make a purchase.

So yesterday, after digging through all my stuff I found my 2 cards! Yippee! Which one to use, since chances are I won’t be making more than 1 purchase in the month of April. I deliberated, and decided to use the first one I received. So I got my $50 bra in my shopping bag and went to checkout and I get the following message:

The amount of $74.99 has been covered by your gift card. Your remaining balance on you gift card is $425.01.

WHAT?! I actually got a card with $500 on it? I’ve never won anything like this, so you can imagine how excited I was. I immediately went back to shopping and ended up spending $349.00 leaving me with $150 still to spend before April 30!

I was so excited, I called my sister and my mom and they were both so excited. I work my butt off, and sometimes it seems, I never catch a break. Well, I got the message, break caught :-)

I’ll be doing some more shopping to spend the entire amount before April 30! I wouldn’t let this puppy go to waste!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Oh Sure... Now You Want to Hear What I Have to Say...

I have a crazy side of the family. And no, I’m not exaggerating, they really are CRAZY. Joe often refuses to go over there, but sometimes I bite the bullet and go visit. It’s not my grandma’s fault that two of her three children are MESSED UP! And I mean that in the most loving way possible.

To preface my story, I need to tell you that at Christmas my husband and I were chastised because my husband bought me a Coach purse for Christmas and they couldn’t fathom spending that type of money on something so frivolous. Well that was the straw that broke the camel’s back for us. I work my ass off and if I want a freaking purse, then I am going to get a purse. I choose to stay at home on the weeknights and eat in. I also choose to pay my house payment so that we don’t potentially lose our house (both my dad’s siblings have lost their house to foreclosure, not because of losing their job or anything, just because… why should they pay their house payment, no one else is right now!)

Ok… here’s my story…

My uncle… we’ll call him Larry, has been dating/using/sleeping with this one woman for some time now. When we first met her, we were all impressed. She’s a pharmacist, she has two daughters of her own, and she owns/takes care of her OWN house. Hey, this could be just what Larry needs.

As we got to know this woman, we figured out what she really was. She is controlling in every aspect of her life, and she let’s you know that she is a know-it-all(scratch that, an educated woman) who doesn’t like to be told no. Hmmm… I wonder why her first marriage didn’t work out?!?

Anyway, Easter Sunday we are sitting outside because it was beautiful. She pulls her chair up right next to mine. (Yessss…. Did I mention how much I really like this woman?) She says to me “My daughter is looking at going to Youngstown State University, and she would like to know whether you liked the school or not.”

Ok, simple question that has a very simple answer. I say “Yeah, I really liked the campu…..” she cuts me off. She asked me a question and then she cut me off. My mom immediately sends a look my way, implying that I should just bite my tongue and move on. So I do.

A few minutes later, she asks “What was your major in college? I can’t remember if anyone ever told me what you do for a living.”

In which, I start to reply “I majored in accounting with a minor in business management. I’m an account….” She freaking cuts me off again to tell me how great her job as a pharmacist is.

By this time my entire family is silent. They are waiting to see what I’m going to say, because it was very obvious after the first interruption I wasn’t happy, but after the second, I was fuming.

So, I tap her on the shoulder. She looks at me sideways. I proceed to say to her “You know Brigette, when you ask someone a question, and they begin to answer, and then you tell them the answer you want to hear, it’s RUDE. You’re a very rude person and I would like very much to never have to talk to you again!”

I then proceed to walk over to my mom and ask her kindly to take me home.

I may not be invited over to my grandma’s house with the family anymore, and in many ways, that’ll be just fine.

Monday, April 5, 2010

In a Nutshell

We had a great weekend spending time with friends and family. Here’s a short recap.

- We introduced our friends to this really fun game called “Chickenfoot”. Since we’ve introduced them to it, we’ve played 3 times and we’ll probably continue to play like every weekend. It’s so much fun. (I fully realize that we are nerds!)

- On the only Saturday that Joe has had off in a long time, I scheduled to get my hair done so I couldn’t get up in the morning and go on another bike ride with him. It was such a bummer :-(

- I’m going back to blonde. Don’t get me wrong, I liked having dark hair, if nothing else, for the ease of not having to dye it constantly over the winter. Oh blonde hair, how I’ve missed you!

- Saturday night we had some friends over for a cookout and cornhole. We had so much fun finally spending time outside. It got a little windy and put our games on hold for a bit, but it was fun, none-the-less.

- After some of our friends left on Saturday, we decided to head out to the bar. Remember the drama I told you about before, well it came into full swing Saturday night. I drank heavily.

- Sunday morning we missed breakfast with the family. I was still sleeping. Riley has another ear infection so we didn’t get a great sleep. We finally woke up around 11 and got a quick lunch before heading out for all the Easter festivities.

- My husband refuses to go to my dad’s families house if he can help it. THEY ARE CRAZY and they are always making my husband and I feel like an outcast because we have our lives somewhat in order. It gets really old to be criticized for everything you buy!

- My 18 yr. old cousin started working at a car dealership washing cars. He showed up yesterday at my grandma’s house with a Mustang convertible and told the whole family they let him take cars home every night but that he has to have them back before the shop opens the next morning. Now, I wasn’t born stupid… we all think my cousin is hiding keys during the day and coming back at night to take the cars out for a midnight spin. Thank goodness he’s 18 so my aunt won’t be in trouble if he does get caught.

- My husband is trying to sell my car from high school to buy himself a truck. AHHH… I hate car shopping, and I think I’m going to miss that little Civic. But I also think it’s time to get an adult car. HEHE

Well that’s just about the gist of my weekend. How was your weekend?

Friday, April 2, 2010

It's Official

I’m in love!

I haven’t even touched my nails in approximately two weeks. Last night, I even took off the old nail polish, cleaned up my cuticles and the skin surrounding my nails, and repainted my nails. Without even thinking about biting them!

Ok, so I thought about it, but then I remembered that horrible taste that inhabits my mouth and doesn’t go away. Which leads to ruining all food and drinks that pass through my lips for the next 20 minutes!

This stuff is definitely a God-send. Thank you maker’s of “kick the habit”.

I’m finally starting to see white at the tops of my nails :-)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Word of the Day

I’ve decided to share with you the words I keep hearing over and over today!

“It doesn’t matter what you think, you’re just supposed to do what you’re told and shut the hell up about it.”

Ok, so those may not be the *exact* words that came from my boss’ mouth, but it may as well have. See, I have this project that I have been working on, all the while knowing IT ISN’T GOING TO WORK! I went to school for this! I vaguely know what I’m talking about, unlike my boss!

UGH! This is definitely the epitome of frustration. I have been left out of meetings, and I’m being treated like a monkey. “Just do what you’re told, and stop questioning me!” I feel like she is ignoring me because I brought up issues she didn’t think of in the first place!

I thought the petty stuff ended with high school.

That’s LIFE! :-/

Wordless Wednesday

I WILL wear this dress on vacation in 38 days!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I have been a COMPULSIVE nail biter my entire life, and I have never been able to stop it. I've tried everything! The only reprieve I get is when I get my nails done, which becomes rather pricey!

So the other day at Wal-Mart I was parusing the health and beauty aisles and I found this great stuff called "kick the habit". It was only like 2.99 so I thought, what the heck, it can't make my biting any worse (unless of course it ends up tasting like a cupcake or something).

Well, let me tell you. This stuff is great! It recommends you put it on 2 times daily but I rarely put it on more than once every 2 or 3 days. It tastes HORRIFIC! So, I have gone an entire week without biting my nails, or the skin around my nails (another nervous habit!) This could possibly be my savior! Beautiful nails, here I come!
And... I wasn't paid to say any of this, I'm just saying it because it's hopefully going to save my fingers.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend in a Nutshell

- Friday night a few friends came over and played Chicken Foot with us. It’s such an easy and fun game to play while still being able to chat. We were having so much fun we didn’t realize that it was after midnight when they left. I love spending time with such great friends.

- I’m so proud of myself. On Saturday afternoon, Joe and I, along with some friends picked the towpath up in Akron and rode all the way up to near Pennisula AND BACK. Yes, my friends, we estimated it at almost 20 miles. Just the weekend before that I ONLY did 8 miles. I was so excited when we finished those 2.5 hours on a bike. My butt was also excited when I finished. (I dunno who invented bike seats, but they had to HATE everyone. They are NOT comfortable.)

- Sunday had some seriously crappy weather, so what better thing to do on a rainy dreary day than hit the mall. I shopped with my sister and her friend. It was so fun. I was able to try on clothes at a store that I don’t usually go into and actually buy some stuff. I’m not going to lie, I spent much more than anticipated but it was totally worth it. I got some great deals and some even cuter clothes for vacation.

- Last night, we went to dinner with my husband’s family and his grandfather. This poor old man pains me. He always talks about how he doesn’t recommend anyone live to be his age. He has watched his wife die, and two or three very close “lady friends” in the 15-20 years of his life. He gets frustrated with himself and his abilities to not be able to do things like he used to. I keep encouraging my husband to spend as much time with him now, because he isn’t going to be around forever.

- I also did my weekly grocery shop last night. I love shopping on Sunday nights. There is usually like no one there. Joe and I go together and we make it through the store so quickly. We had coupons and I ended up buying the entire week’s worth of lunch and dinner for two people for $59. I definitely have a love/hate relationship with the grocery store. I love that I spend $60 for food for an entire week when it costs Joe and I approximately 20-30 to eat out ONE TIME. That is definitely a great feeling. I hate having to fight the warriors at the store. There are stupid people everywhere, and they seem to flock to where I shop.

- While my weekend was pretty good, I didn’t do an OUNCE of laundry, which I’m sure will come back and bite me in the butt. I despise laundry more than anything and I use any excuse to not do it. Well, since my entire basement floor is covered in dirty clothes, and both mine and my husband’s closets are bare, looks like I’m going to be spending the entire week doing laundry. UGH.

Well that’s my weekend in a nutshell…. What did your weekend look like?

Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

Sorry about the hiatus from blogging, I’ve just been…. Blah… No one was commenting, and I was always commenting. It got very irritating so I stopped. But I’ve still enjoyed reading a few blogs and so I’ve decided to join back in. And plus… this sounded really fun so I thought I would try it out.

- I’ve been freaking STARVING lately. Like, I could eat anything and everything that is in front of me. I’m not on my period, I’m not pregnant, I’m not stressing over something major in life… Can’t a girl just be hungry?

- My sister is involved in some major drama… which has brought me into it, which has brought my husband into it, which has brought his best friend into it… this is a vicious cycle my friends… when does it stop?

- My work is starting FLEX TIME beginning April 5 which means I no longer have to be at the office until 5 or later. It also means I have to start at the office an hour earlier, but it is totally worth it to not have to be here until after dark in the winter. I’m so excited. And… who doesn’t love eating dinner at a reasonable hour?

- 44 days until vacation. Boy, I can’t even tell you how much I am looking forward to this vacation. It very well could be one of the last vacations we take without baby in me or baby in tow. We are definitely going to make the most of our time in Mexico… Oh… I should have asked this first, can you guys keep that a secret?

- This weight loss/diet thing is for the birds. I was successful when I did weight watchers, and Joe and I are adding some really awesome activity into our lives and eating much healthier than we were a year ago, but what gives? Joe drops all this weight, as I stand stagnate at the same weight that I started at. How frustrating! This may explain it though… Did I forget to mention that my hubby has become obsessed with P90X, while I despise those workouts?

- My dog was loving the snow during the winter. She was always going out and playing in it for hours at a time. She would even lay in it. Then, the rain came, which meant MUD. She instantly fell in love with the mud and playing in that. Last night, when it went from MUD to SNOW before her eyes, she was NOT amused. She looked at me when I opened the door like, “Mom, Are you freaking serious?”

- I’ve paid off 2 credit cards in the past month. I never realized what a feeling that would create, but man… it was totally worth spending my ENTIRE bonus check on paying off debit. It is such a gratifying feeling… even if we aren’t going to be able to put that nice new patio in this year. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate paying bills?

Well this was lots of fun. I really need to get back into the blogging world. It gave me something to look forward to, even if it was just a comment to read over my lunch. Thanks to all of you who have continued to follow me, even when I haven’t posted since before Christmas. Have I mentioned… you’re great?

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