Thursday, April 15, 2010

Excuse me... MA'AM

So, today I got called Ma’am…

By someone old enough to probably have a child my age.

That was weird.

I’ve always struggled with when to call someone Mrs. vs. when to call them by their first name. I mean, after all, I am an adult now, I do work with adults much older than me on a regular basis and I OBVIOUSLY call them by their first name. They are considered my “peers” in a work environment. However, in a personal environment, I’ve been taught much differently. I’ve always been taught to address everyone (older than you) by Mr. or Mrs. followed by their last name. You are showing respect to said person. Well, if anyone starts to call me Mrs. M. I immediately correct them! Mrs. M is my mother-in-law! And while I enjoy BEING a Mrs. I do not want to be CALLED Mrs.

Is that weird?

***On a totally unrelated note... I'm still NOT BITING MY NAILS! This product is AWESOME! I actually have really nice nails now! And they are strong! I heart KICK THE HABIT!


Mama Reg said...

lol...i just LOVE being called ma'am haha not! yeah i think its weird, it just depends who is saying it...if its someone older, its almost like, condescending like they are just mad because they are old haha. sometimes mike calls me ma'am to be funny, i dont mind that. but i certainly dont throw around ma'am to people!

oh ps, if you are going to try a "greens" recipe i would go for the pesto! its wayyy tastier than hummus :)

renee said...

LOL that is not weird at all. I don't mind being a Mrs. I don't really know why, but it never bothered me. when i was in nursing school they said not to call anyone "hunny" or any other pet names like that b/c it's rude and disrespectfull. and I've noticed that in AAAAALLLLLLLLLL the time i've spent in many, many hospitals all over this state i am ALWAYS called mrs. mcdonald. so maybe that is why it doesnt bother me. i got called that from the time i was 20 and having my first baby, ya know?