Monday, April 5, 2010

In a Nutshell

We had a great weekend spending time with friends and family. Here’s a short recap.

- We introduced our friends to this really fun game called “Chickenfoot”. Since we’ve introduced them to it, we’ve played 3 times and we’ll probably continue to play like every weekend. It’s so much fun. (I fully realize that we are nerds!)

- On the only Saturday that Joe has had off in a long time, I scheduled to get my hair done so I couldn’t get up in the morning and go on another bike ride with him. It was such a bummer :-(

- I’m going back to blonde. Don’t get me wrong, I liked having dark hair, if nothing else, for the ease of not having to dye it constantly over the winter. Oh blonde hair, how I’ve missed you!

- Saturday night we had some friends over for a cookout and cornhole. We had so much fun finally spending time outside. It got a little windy and put our games on hold for a bit, but it was fun, none-the-less.

- After some of our friends left on Saturday, we decided to head out to the bar. Remember the drama I told you about before, well it came into full swing Saturday night. I drank heavily.

- Sunday morning we missed breakfast with the family. I was still sleeping. Riley has another ear infection so we didn’t get a great sleep. We finally woke up around 11 and got a quick lunch before heading out for all the Easter festivities.

- My husband refuses to go to my dad’s families house if he can help it. THEY ARE CRAZY and they are always making my husband and I feel like an outcast because we have our lives somewhat in order. It gets really old to be criticized for everything you buy!

- My 18 yr. old cousin started working at a car dealership washing cars. He showed up yesterday at my grandma’s house with a Mustang convertible and told the whole family they let him take cars home every night but that he has to have them back before the shop opens the next morning. Now, I wasn’t born stupid… we all think my cousin is hiding keys during the day and coming back at night to take the cars out for a midnight spin. Thank goodness he’s 18 so my aunt won’t be in trouble if he does get caught.

- My husband is trying to sell my car from high school to buy himself a truck. AHHH… I hate car shopping, and I think I’m going to miss that little Civic. But I also think it’s time to get an adult car. HEHE

Well that’s just about the gist of my weekend. How was your weekend?


Mama Reg said...

ahh holy cow! your cousin's car driving sounds very interesting lol! but like you said, he's each his own i guess!

what a fun weekend with friends! i gotta write a blog recap of my weekend too! :)

andrea said...

omg @ your cousin... crazy.

good luck with the car - i freaking hate car shopping, but I hope you guys get something good.

renee said...

sounds like a busy weekend! car shopping i leave up to josh. i just go and pick out the color after he says which one is best. he's been a mechanic for like 15 years, so i really have nothing to add to the process. lol good luck with it though. oh and yes, thank God your cousin's 18.