Thursday, April 8, 2010

Oh Sure... Now You Want to Hear What I Have to Say...

I have a crazy side of the family. And no, I’m not exaggerating, they really are CRAZY. Joe often refuses to go over there, but sometimes I bite the bullet and go visit. It’s not my grandma’s fault that two of her three children are MESSED UP! And I mean that in the most loving way possible.

To preface my story, I need to tell you that at Christmas my husband and I were chastised because my husband bought me a Coach purse for Christmas and they couldn’t fathom spending that type of money on something so frivolous. Well that was the straw that broke the camel’s back for us. I work my ass off and if I want a freaking purse, then I am going to get a purse. I choose to stay at home on the weeknights and eat in. I also choose to pay my house payment so that we don’t potentially lose our house (both my dad’s siblings have lost their house to foreclosure, not because of losing their job or anything, just because… why should they pay their house payment, no one else is right now!)

Ok… here’s my story…

My uncle… we’ll call him Larry, has been dating/using/sleeping with this one woman for some time now. When we first met her, we were all impressed. She’s a pharmacist, she has two daughters of her own, and she owns/takes care of her OWN house. Hey, this could be just what Larry needs.

As we got to know this woman, we figured out what she really was. She is controlling in every aspect of her life, and she let’s you know that she is a know-it-all(scratch that, an educated woman) who doesn’t like to be told no. Hmmm… I wonder why her first marriage didn’t work out?!?

Anyway, Easter Sunday we are sitting outside because it was beautiful. She pulls her chair up right next to mine. (Yessss…. Did I mention how much I really like this woman?) She says to me “My daughter is looking at going to Youngstown State University, and she would like to know whether you liked the school or not.”

Ok, simple question that has a very simple answer. I say “Yeah, I really liked the campu…..” she cuts me off. She asked me a question and then she cut me off. My mom immediately sends a look my way, implying that I should just bite my tongue and move on. So I do.

A few minutes later, she asks “What was your major in college? I can’t remember if anyone ever told me what you do for a living.”

In which, I start to reply “I majored in accounting with a minor in business management. I’m an account….” She freaking cuts me off again to tell me how great her job as a pharmacist is.

By this time my entire family is silent. They are waiting to see what I’m going to say, because it was very obvious after the first interruption I wasn’t happy, but after the second, I was fuming.

So, I tap her on the shoulder. She looks at me sideways. I proceed to say to her “You know Brigette, when you ask someone a question, and they begin to answer, and then you tell them the answer you want to hear, it’s RUDE. You’re a very rude person and I would like very much to never have to talk to you again!”

I then proceed to walk over to my mom and ask her kindly to take me home.

I may not be invited over to my grandma’s house with the family anymore, and in many ways, that’ll be just fine.


renee said...

lmao! your description sounds so much like the psycho that married josh's brother. i would totally not feel bad if i wasn't invited back ;-) good for you for standing up for yourself!

Mama Reg said...

bahaaa that is amazing. way to stick up for yourself, that probably really great to get off your chest! and yeah, probably wont miss out on much, not being invited back :) will probably just save you ALOT of headaches!