Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates...

You never know what you’re gonna get, right?!
Well, yesterday, when I was sitting at home sick, I decided to do some internet shopping. (God blessed me with large ta-tas so in order to buy bras that fit, I usually have to shop online!) I remembered my Victoria’s Secret Secret Reward Card that I earned earlier in the month while shopping with my sister.

I actually considered not even looking for it because what were the chances that I would have one worth more than $10 in free merchandise?! Was it actually worth my time to dig through everything and try and find that stupid card?

The cards I speak of are a promotion being run in the month of April. Every purchase you make at VS, you receive a card. On it is an amount of money from $10 - $500. You don’t know what is on your card until you actually make a purchase.

So yesterday, after digging through all my stuff I found my 2 cards! Yippee! Which one to use, since chances are I won’t be making more than 1 purchase in the month of April. I deliberated, and decided to use the first one I received. So I got my $50 bra in my shopping bag and went to checkout and I get the following message:

The amount of $74.99 has been covered by your gift card. Your remaining balance on you gift card is $425.01.

WHAT?! I actually got a card with $500 on it? I’ve never won anything like this, so you can imagine how excited I was. I immediately went back to shopping and ended up spending $349.00 leaving me with $150 still to spend before April 30!

I was so excited, I called my sister and my mom and they were both so excited. I work my butt off, and sometimes it seems, I never catch a break. Well, I got the message, break caught :-)

I’ll be doing some more shopping to spend the entire amount before April 30! I wouldn’t let this puppy go to waste!


Jessica said...

Really?! I'm so jealous Tricia! I feel like I can't catch a break either. DID YOU HEAR THAT VICTORIA'S SECRET?!

Mama Reg said...

WOOOOOO that is AWESOME!! woo hoo best store EVER to win $500!! yay have fun shopping!!

renee said...

omg that's awesome!!! :D i would have used that sucker in a second! (that is of course if they had any in my size...not likely :-P