Friday, April 23, 2010

Kind Words

Thank you all SO MUCH for all the kind words from yesterday. My world was literally falling apart right before my eyes. I'm not sure what exactly triggered it, but I was an emotional mess yesterday.

I WAS able to sleep last night, THANK GOD, and I slept like a baby. It was probably one of the best night sleeps I've had in a LONG time! Sometimes I do just need to breathe. I used to work really REALLY hard on not letting things that were out of my control bother me. I've succeeded at not always letting the little things bring me down...

but yesterday...

was a totally different story. And it's so nice to know that you can turn to a group of fabulous people within the blogging community, and get exactly what you need.

Thanks again :-)

Thursday, April 22, 2010


It's currently 5:46AM and I have not been asleep since 10:30AM YESTERDAY!

Yeah, read it again if you must. I'm not quite sure how I am going to make it through today at work, but somehow (with lots of caffeine) I'm going to have to!

Ever had one of those nights where your head will. not. shut. up. Well that was last night for me. It started with Joe catching whatever the heck I've had for the past few days and him tossing/turning/coughing to start off my night. No big deal, I've been doing this since Sunday and Joe hasn't complained at all, I can do this! WRONG!

I move to the couch, where after lying there for 2 hours, decide to turn on the tv and watch 2 episodes of Desperate Housewives on the DVR. This brings me to approximately 3AM. I then proceed to call myself off work, thinking there is no way that I can go into work after only a few hours of sleep. Then I proceed to toss and turn and worry about my work. Are you kidding me.

So, here I sit, at 5:49, dressed for work, waiting until I can leave, hit the gas station and McDonald's all before starting work at 7AM.

There are so many things going on in my head right now, I can't even begin to explain. But allow me to try:

- I have this project at work due this next week because my boss doesn't understand the way work actually works, and that you cannot set a deadline 10 minutes after you assign something and expect it to be the way SHE WANTS IT!

- I had a sinus infection that has prevented me from breathing for the past few days. I've literally slept for the past 3 days (and failed miserably at any attempts to be any sort of wife this week!)

- My mom's best friend is dying of cancer. It started with breast cancer and has progressed and is now in her bones. Shes dying a terrible, painful, agonizing death and she's the same age as my mom. It's scary to think it could be my mom in this position.

- Joe is putting in for a new job at his work. Which is great, but becoming very stressful in our house. He's on pins and needles every evening and gets angry at me for asking for anything. I don't know how to let him know that I'm anxious too, without upsetting him. It's my personality to ask questions and be interested in every part of his life!

- My inlaws have planned an entire weekend for Joe's dad and grandpa's birthday, and have yet to tell us about it. I heard about the whole plan from my sister in law and it's very upsetting. My sister's birthday is also this weekend, and my family doesn't expect us to be there, they call us and ask. Now, I've "double booked" us, and my mother in law is not going to take that for an answer. I hate having to divide and conquer when I wasn't wrong in the first place!

- We are going on vacation in like 2 weeks. I don't have everything I want, Joe has lost like 40 lbs so we are going to need to buy him an entirely new wardrobe before we leave, and our money tree hasn't quite matured in the backyard yet.

Am I being crazy? Maybe it's because I've been sick these last few days, but I will be lucky to make it home this evening without having a mental breakdown at work.

Oh, and to top it off, it's nothing compared to what two of my co-workers have gone through in the past year, so I feel like I can't talk about anything at work because I don't want them to feel like I'm trying to make my situations worse when they have faced some pretty serious stuff.

I could really use some help here. Thanks bloggers :-)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Just Swiffer It

Ever wonder how words have become actions over time?

Well, much like Googling or Facebooking, Swiffering has become a verb in my household as well.

Hop on over to This, That, and My Blog's Jessica. She is giving one of those puppies away to one lucky winner!

Good Luck (but not too much luck, since I really want the Swiffer!)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Excuse me... MA'AM

So, today I got called Ma’am…

By someone old enough to probably have a child my age.

That was weird.

I’ve always struggled with when to call someone Mrs. vs. when to call them by their first name. I mean, after all, I am an adult now, I do work with adults much older than me on a regular basis and I OBVIOUSLY call them by their first name. They are considered my “peers” in a work environment. However, in a personal environment, I’ve been taught much differently. I’ve always been taught to address everyone (older than you) by Mr. or Mrs. followed by their last name. You are showing respect to said person. Well, if anyone starts to call me Mrs. M. I immediately correct them! Mrs. M is my mother-in-law! And while I enjoy BEING a Mrs. I do not want to be CALLED Mrs.

Is that weird?

***On a totally unrelated note... I'm still NOT BITING MY NAILS! This product is AWESOME! I actually have really nice nails now! And they are strong! I heart KICK THE HABIT!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates...

You never know what you’re gonna get, right?!
Well, yesterday, when I was sitting at home sick, I decided to do some internet shopping. (God blessed me with large ta-tas so in order to buy bras that fit, I usually have to shop online!) I remembered my Victoria’s Secret Secret Reward Card that I earned earlier in the month while shopping with my sister.

I actually considered not even looking for it because what were the chances that I would have one worth more than $10 in free merchandise?! Was it actually worth my time to dig through everything and try and find that stupid card?

The cards I speak of are a promotion being run in the month of April. Every purchase you make at VS, you receive a card. On it is an amount of money from $10 - $500. You don’t know what is on your card until you actually make a purchase.

So yesterday, after digging through all my stuff I found my 2 cards! Yippee! Which one to use, since chances are I won’t be making more than 1 purchase in the month of April. I deliberated, and decided to use the first one I received. So I got my $50 bra in my shopping bag and went to checkout and I get the following message:

The amount of $74.99 has been covered by your gift card. Your remaining balance on you gift card is $425.01.

WHAT?! I actually got a card with $500 on it? I’ve never won anything like this, so you can imagine how excited I was. I immediately went back to shopping and ended up spending $349.00 leaving me with $150 still to spend before April 30!

I was so excited, I called my sister and my mom and they were both so excited. I work my butt off, and sometimes it seems, I never catch a break. Well, I got the message, break caught :-)

I’ll be doing some more shopping to spend the entire amount before April 30! I wouldn’t let this puppy go to waste!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Oh Sure... Now You Want to Hear What I Have to Say...

I have a crazy side of the family. And no, I’m not exaggerating, they really are CRAZY. Joe often refuses to go over there, but sometimes I bite the bullet and go visit. It’s not my grandma’s fault that two of her three children are MESSED UP! And I mean that in the most loving way possible.

To preface my story, I need to tell you that at Christmas my husband and I were chastised because my husband bought me a Coach purse for Christmas and they couldn’t fathom spending that type of money on something so frivolous. Well that was the straw that broke the camel’s back for us. I work my ass off and if I want a freaking purse, then I am going to get a purse. I choose to stay at home on the weeknights and eat in. I also choose to pay my house payment so that we don’t potentially lose our house (both my dad’s siblings have lost their house to foreclosure, not because of losing their job or anything, just because… why should they pay their house payment, no one else is right now!)

Ok… here’s my story…

My uncle… we’ll call him Larry, has been dating/using/sleeping with this one woman for some time now. When we first met her, we were all impressed. She’s a pharmacist, she has two daughters of her own, and she owns/takes care of her OWN house. Hey, this could be just what Larry needs.

As we got to know this woman, we figured out what she really was. She is controlling in every aspect of her life, and she let’s you know that she is a know-it-all(scratch that, an educated woman) who doesn’t like to be told no. Hmmm… I wonder why her first marriage didn’t work out?!?

Anyway, Easter Sunday we are sitting outside because it was beautiful. She pulls her chair up right next to mine. (Yessss…. Did I mention how much I really like this woman?) She says to me “My daughter is looking at going to Youngstown State University, and she would like to know whether you liked the school or not.”

Ok, simple question that has a very simple answer. I say “Yeah, I really liked the campu…..” she cuts me off. She asked me a question and then she cut me off. My mom immediately sends a look my way, implying that I should just bite my tongue and move on. So I do.

A few minutes later, she asks “What was your major in college? I can’t remember if anyone ever told me what you do for a living.”

In which, I start to reply “I majored in accounting with a minor in business management. I’m an account….” She freaking cuts me off again to tell me how great her job as a pharmacist is.

By this time my entire family is silent. They are waiting to see what I’m going to say, because it was very obvious after the first interruption I wasn’t happy, but after the second, I was fuming.

So, I tap her on the shoulder. She looks at me sideways. I proceed to say to her “You know Brigette, when you ask someone a question, and they begin to answer, and then you tell them the answer you want to hear, it’s RUDE. You’re a very rude person and I would like very much to never have to talk to you again!”

I then proceed to walk over to my mom and ask her kindly to take me home.

I may not be invited over to my grandma’s house with the family anymore, and in many ways, that’ll be just fine.

Monday, April 5, 2010

In a Nutshell

We had a great weekend spending time with friends and family. Here’s a short recap.

- We introduced our friends to this really fun game called “Chickenfoot”. Since we’ve introduced them to it, we’ve played 3 times and we’ll probably continue to play like every weekend. It’s so much fun. (I fully realize that we are nerds!)

- On the only Saturday that Joe has had off in a long time, I scheduled to get my hair done so I couldn’t get up in the morning and go on another bike ride with him. It was such a bummer :-(

- I’m going back to blonde. Don’t get me wrong, I liked having dark hair, if nothing else, for the ease of not having to dye it constantly over the winter. Oh blonde hair, how I’ve missed you!

- Saturday night we had some friends over for a cookout and cornhole. We had so much fun finally spending time outside. It got a little windy and put our games on hold for a bit, but it was fun, none-the-less.

- After some of our friends left on Saturday, we decided to head out to the bar. Remember the drama I told you about before, well it came into full swing Saturday night. I drank heavily.

- Sunday morning we missed breakfast with the family. I was still sleeping. Riley has another ear infection so we didn’t get a great sleep. We finally woke up around 11 and got a quick lunch before heading out for all the Easter festivities.

- My husband refuses to go to my dad’s families house if he can help it. THEY ARE CRAZY and they are always making my husband and I feel like an outcast because we have our lives somewhat in order. It gets really old to be criticized for everything you buy!

- My 18 yr. old cousin started working at a car dealership washing cars. He showed up yesterday at my grandma’s house with a Mustang convertible and told the whole family they let him take cars home every night but that he has to have them back before the shop opens the next morning. Now, I wasn’t born stupid… we all think my cousin is hiding keys during the day and coming back at night to take the cars out for a midnight spin. Thank goodness he’s 18 so my aunt won’t be in trouble if he does get caught.

- My husband is trying to sell my car from high school to buy himself a truck. AHHH… I hate car shopping, and I think I’m going to miss that little Civic. But I also think it’s time to get an adult car. HEHE

Well that’s just about the gist of my weekend. How was your weekend?

Friday, April 2, 2010

It's Official

I’m in love!

I haven’t even touched my nails in approximately two weeks. Last night, I even took off the old nail polish, cleaned up my cuticles and the skin surrounding my nails, and repainted my nails. Without even thinking about biting them!

Ok, so I thought about it, but then I remembered that horrible taste that inhabits my mouth and doesn’t go away. Which leads to ruining all food and drinks that pass through my lips for the next 20 minutes!

This stuff is definitely a God-send. Thank you maker’s of “kick the habit”.

I’m finally starting to see white at the tops of my nails :-)