Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

Sorry about the hiatus from blogging, I’ve just been…. Blah… No one was commenting, and I was always commenting. It got very irritating so I stopped. But I’ve still enjoyed reading a few blogs and so I’ve decided to join back in. And plus… this sounded really fun so I thought I would try it out.

- I’ve been freaking STARVING lately. Like, I could eat anything and everything that is in front of me. I’m not on my period, I’m not pregnant, I’m not stressing over something major in life… Can’t a girl just be hungry?

- My sister is involved in some major drama… which has brought me into it, which has brought my husband into it, which has brought his best friend into it… this is a vicious cycle my friends… when does it stop?

- My work is starting FLEX TIME beginning April 5 which means I no longer have to be at the office until 5 or later. It also means I have to start at the office an hour earlier, but it is totally worth it to not have to be here until after dark in the winter. I’m so excited. And… who doesn’t love eating dinner at a reasonable hour?

- 44 days until vacation. Boy, I can’t even tell you how much I am looking forward to this vacation. It very well could be one of the last vacations we take without baby in me or baby in tow. We are definitely going to make the most of our time in Mexico… Oh… I should have asked this first, can you guys keep that a secret?

- This weight loss/diet thing is for the birds. I was successful when I did weight watchers, and Joe and I are adding some really awesome activity into our lives and eating much healthier than we were a year ago, but what gives? Joe drops all this weight, as I stand stagnate at the same weight that I started at. How frustrating! This may explain it though… Did I forget to mention that my hubby has become obsessed with P90X, while I despise those workouts?

- My dog was loving the snow during the winter. She was always going out and playing in it for hours at a time. She would even lay in it. Then, the rain came, which meant MUD. She instantly fell in love with the mud and playing in that. Last night, when it went from MUD to SNOW before her eyes, she was NOT amused. She looked at me when I opened the door like, “Mom, Are you freaking serious?”

- I’ve paid off 2 credit cards in the past month. I never realized what a feeling that would create, but man… it was totally worth spending my ENTIRE bonus check on paying off debit. It is such a gratifying feeling… even if we aren’t going to be able to put that nice new patio in this year. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate paying bills?

Well this was lots of fun. I really need to get back into the blogging world. It gave me something to look forward to, even if it was just a comment to read over my lunch. Thanks to all of you who have continued to follow me, even when I haven’t posted since before Christmas. Have I mentioned… you’re great?

Oh... head over to Renee's blog where you can check out her leftovers.


andrea said...

YAY for vacation!! so jealous :)

and yay for everything else! (except the drama, boo on that)

glad you are back!

renee said...

YAH!!!! for you getting back into blogging. i know how it feels to not feel like you are getting the comment love. my ticker says i get tons of hits and i end up with 1 comment. :-P blah. boo on the drama too. lord knows we've got enough over here to spare! between my mom, my sisters, josh's brothers wife, now his feels like it's never ending. i hate dieting and excersizing. and i esp hate that josh eats twice as much as i do, never works out and he is sooo thin. it's infuriating!

btw i like the new layout. it's really cute! oh and yah for a fun vaca (and don't worry, i'll keep your secret) ;-)

Will said...

What dont you like about the P90X workouts? :) lol.

Tell your husband to stop by my site if he ever needs motivation, we've got a great crew of people

Fitness Achievement

Mama Reg said...

hey tricia, its great to have you back :) i LOVE the new blog layout, and loved the leftovers blog. HUGE CONGRATS about the credit cards, that is so amazing. and YAY for vacation soon, if anyone deserves it, you do!! see ya around on here :)