Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Time

It truly is the "most wonderful time of the year" in the Marchion household. But, I want to share a little bit of advice to those of you mailing out Christmas cards because I have had my feelings hurt this Christmas.

First, Joe and I have been together for 6 years, living away from home for our third Christmas this year, and married for 1.5 years... START SENDING US OUR OWN CARD! I love getting mail, and I love Christmas, so naturally I love Christmas cards... and we've gotten 4 this year! One from each of our moms, an aunt, and a friend (Thanks Mama Reg!) but other than that... NOTHING! Seriously?

Then I was at my MIL house and saw all of her Christmas cards, and people just have included Joe and I's name on their cards. People... I'm not sure how many times I can spell this out, but we no longer live with them and do wish to receive our own card!

Second, if you're sending a cute card with your children's picture on it... I would still like one even though I don't have children. Sometimes I feel like people with children have these weird circles that they share super secret information with and I'm not allowed to be a part of it because I'm not a mom yet. Send me a damn picture of your child... I love them too!

This rant stems from the fact that we had a family member giving Christmas cards out at Grandma's for those people she didn't have their address. I said... "Oh... I didn't get one!" and she proceeds to say "Oh, I didn't think you'd want one... let me go get one out of the car, I didn't even count on you guys!"

Again... They are our family...why the hell wouldn't we want a card.

And Third, stop using Xmas or X-mas as a form of shortening CHRISTmas. There is a meaning behind the word Christmas so stop trying to take that away. It peeves me off when people cannot take the time to write out the entire word!

Ok... enough with the ranting... I'm really not a bah-humbug! I just prefer to be remembered when the holidays come around. Christmas was so much fun as a child and the older I get I feel like the more of a hassle it is... and I refuse to let that ruin Christmas for me! It is a time in our family for family and friends spending time together, which is really all that matters!

Merry Christmas to everyone.... now send me a Christmas card ;-)


Connie Weiss said...

We haven't gotten many cards this year at all and MY feelings are hurt about it.

Have a great weekend!

andrea said...

if we had your address i would have sent you a card!!

tell people to get over it - you and joe are a family now, you deserve your own!

mike regimbal said... im glad you got it already and thanks for the shout out!!

vent all you want girl! :)

renee said...

oh i totally agree. and i have one here with your name on it and a stamp on it (for like a week) but i guess i forgot to ask for your new address. i had about 5 ppl to ask for their new address and i thought i got them all :-( sorry. but i totally understand about not getting cards. it really stinks when the door is bare (we hang ours on the door. idk if anyone else does that lol). so message me and you will get your card with my kids faces on it :D