Monday, December 7, 2009

Friendsgiving 2009

First of all, I'm sorry to all my blogger friends. I've been bumming around the last few weeks and not feeling as though ANYTHING important is going on in my life right now. Therefore, it's been approximately a month and a half since I've updated this blog. I do apologize. I've still been reading up on people's lives (sounds creeperish) but I haven't really been leaving comments either. So again, I apologize.

Now... on to the good stuff! This past weekend we had Friendsgiving. We decided that every year, for as long as humanly possible, we are going to get together with our good friends and have our very own Thanksgiving. One that starts with fried turkey, and ends after a whole night of great time with great friends. This year was our first attempt at it. And by first attempt at it I mean... first attempt at every single part of having a Thanksgiving dinner. The most coordinating I do for dinner is pushing start on the microwave when the oven says 5 minutes left. I do say... I've gotten damn good at that! ;-) Anyway, everyone brought some sides and we cooked for about an hour while the bird was frying! It was so much fun!

We managed to get the turkey cooked all the way through on the first try! (Thank goodness because Joe dropped everything to lift the bird out into the bubbling oil so... he had one shot before we were going to have to do some seriously dangerous improvising!) I got all the food on the table while it was warm! And everyone liked everything!

It's been so long since we've had all our friends together for an ENTIRE evening and it was so refreshing to catch up with them. And guess what... 7 people ate an entire 20 pound turkey. I guess everyone thought it tasted good.

This is definitely a tradition we've decided we want to continue, even after our familes start growning. What better way to spend a second holiday than with great company. I love my friends :-) I'll have to post pictures tomorrow because I CANNOT get them to work tonight. you can check them out here if you so desire though :-)


renee said...

yah! ur back lol. sounds like it was a lot of fun. josh has been bugging me about getting a turkey fryer every year since the begining of time. ok, not that long lol. but he had it once and said it was super juicy. i'm glad your dinner turned out so great. and yah for seeing friends :D

Mama Reg said...

ohhh what a wonderful time! i SOO want to eat a fried turkey one of these times lol. that is a great idea and tradition!!