Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Is there a word for busier than busy?!

That’s how my life has been these last few weeks. First, I got really sick and lost my mind for a few days. I couldn’t go anywhere, or do anything for 3 whole days… probably should have been four days, but whatever…

Then I come back to work to a pile of sh** on my desk that needed to be done while I was sick. Gee, thanks co-workers for no help while I was out sick. I’ll remember that when you’re out sick, or having a baby, or breaking your arm, or pulling the muscles in your back (yes… all true stories of what I have helped out with in the past!).

Now, I’m in vacation mode. This past weekend, Joe and I went and bought him an entire new wardrobe. Thank you Burlington Coat Factory for not charging me and arm and a leg for pants that fit my husband. He was in dire need, but our checkbook wasn’t having any of that… so I do appreciate you being fairly priced. We came home with 4 stuffed full bags of clothes for Joe for only a little over $200.00. It was pretty much a steal of a deal! Now if I could only get 4 bags of clothes for that price, we’d be set. (And I’d have way too many clothes!)

This week at work is close week, which means that my week FLYS by… thank goodness. But… with vacation comes all the crappy stuff at work that I have to endure before leaving. Like, getting everything ready for me to be gone a week (away messages, emails sent out, forwarded voice mails… you get my drift!) Tonight I’m going to join the local library and pick up some good books for vacation. Last year, I read 12 books in the week. I’m going to have to get a lot of books again this year!

Tomorrow we have our first beach volleyball game. We’re playing on a co-ed 4 person league. We’re terrible. And… did I mention that I am going to be the only female tomorrow so that means that I cannot even sit, I’m going to have to play all the games. UGH!

Thursday I’m going to the nail salon after work and getting my traditional before vacation pedicure. I cannot wait. I love getting pampered and I love having my toes painted. I absolutely loathe painting my toenails, but I loathe more not painted toes!

Friday my goal is to get through work and then get home and finish up laundry and pack. Saturday morning I want to take my mom to breakfast for mother’s day, drop my dog off at the kennel, and… get everything ready to go (which means last minute runs to Walmart, packing, weighing our suitcase, etc.) finishing, I’m sure, just in time to leave early Sunday morning.

I’m sure I won’t be back on until after our vacation.



Jessica said...

That's so exciting, Tricia! Fight tough through this week. It'll be so worth it once you're sitting on the beaches of Mexico!

renee said...

i am so excited for your vaca. you need it. you guys work really hard and you deserve it. have lots and lots and lots of fun and i can't wait to see pics. :D
btw the word for busier than busy is "sofreakinbusyitsunreal". and that is from reneeipedia so you KNOW it's true ;-) lol

andrea said...

there is a light at the end of the tunnel!!
i am jealous of joe's new wardrobe :)
have fun!!! bring back some relaxation and a tan for me!