Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Zip Line Adventures

To start things off, when we were planning this trip (and by we, I mean Joe’s wonderful parents) Joe’s sister couldn’t decide if she wanted to go. She ended up taking one of Joe’s very best friends as her “date” for the week. It made the vacation so nice because it was fun to hang out with them, and they were just friends!

Joe’s friend has never been out of the country, and was the ultimate tourist in Mexico. We laughed because he bought stuff from vendors on the beach, bought Mexican tequila, and wanted to book every single tour available. After explaining to him that money doesn’t grow on trees (HAHA), we decided to pick one tour. He chose zip-lining through the jungle.

Now for those of you who know me, you know that I am not the type of person to take risks like that. I was nervous and very anxious. Thankfully, it ended up being a new experience. I don’t think I would ever pay to do it again (it was freakin’ expensive) but it is something I am happy to say that I have done before.

Now… on to the story. When you arrive at this place in the middle of the jungle, they immediately suit you up in a harness, leather gloves, and a helmet. This was what I like to call a cluster **** because people were hurrying to the front of the line as if there are only so many sets and everyone who doesn’t get a harness has to zipline without one. Seriously PEOPLE! So after waiting for all the ignorant people to run to the front, we finally got suited up. After all four of us were ready, we looked around and realized that we were the very last people through everything in our particular tour. No biggie!

We proceed to an “ampitheather” for lack of a better word. It had wooden bleachers and there was a zipline set up between two trees so that they could fully explain to all of us how to properly zipline. After a, no joke, 15 minute speech on where to put your hands so you don’t cut your fingers, how never to let go of the line no matter what!, the tour guide says “Preguntas?” (Questions for those of you who don’t remember your Spanish days.)

This dumb ass (I’m sorry, I don’t usually call people that but this lady whole-heartedly deserved the title!) raises her hand and says “If I want to go fast then I just let go right?” Every person, including her husband (we concluded they were on their honeymoon) looked at her in shock. Did she not just sit through the same exact speech that all of us sat through? We were the last ones to speech and we still gathered the concept of NEVER LET GO OF THE LINE!

Anyway, drunk Ryan (Joe’s friend who had way too much tequila the night before) proceeds to yell “WHERE WERE YOU?” Everyone looked at him and started laughing. It was hilarious. I almost fell off the bleachers because everyone was laughing.

Long story short (Ok, So it’s not really SHORT… but…) after the entire zip-line adventure was over, they served us lunch. During lunch, all you could hear was people taking about how the high-light of the tour was the drunk in the back putting the dumb-ass in her place. HAHA…

I almost wish the tour guide would have told her to let go, it would have taught her a lesson! And in case you were wondering…. THERE ARE STUPID QUESTIONS!

Hope I made you smile!

Here's the website, if you want to see some crazy pictures (they aren't us... we weren't about to pay $15 for a picture!)


Connie Weiss said...

I bet she felt like an idiot!

I've always wanted to Zip LIne after seeing it on The Bachelorette!

So glad you had fun!

Miss. Candy said...

I was just blog surfing and ran across your post! How cute! Zip lining is the best!! We got my 70 year grandma to do it in the Caribbean! And there is nothing wrong with being a little verbal when people lack common sense!