Monday, January 17, 2011

Hello Second Trimester

It's official. Today begins the Honeymoon Trimester. I can already tell a difference (actually within the last week or so I've been gaining energy and feeling less and less poopy!) I'm so excited to get stuff done around my house! My poor house has been neglected (and that is putting it nicely) since approx. Nov. 12 when I just wasn't feeling well and decided to take a pregnancy test lol. I have convinced myself that the dirt and nastiness will be there, and so sleeping should be number one on my list! And it's worked out ok, except for the fact that no one has been to our house, dust bunnies and dog hair are accumulating (sorry if that is TMI!) and my husband has to do his own laundry lol!

I'm still not feeling like I did pre-baby in belly... but I'm feeling pretty dang good, which makes for a very happy household! I'm hoping that over the next few weeks, I just continue to gain energy and not feel like a hog! That way I can get lots of stuff done before this baby graces us with his/her presence!

On another note, I'm pretty much in love with my doctor. I've heard horror stories about women's doctors telling them to gain more weight, lose weight, basically anything surrounding their weight... Well my awesome doctor told me to shoot for a 10-15 lb weight gain during this pregnancy (I wasn't a board to begin with, I know that!) and last time I went to the drs. office, I'd actually lost weight (4 lbs to be exact) and he said that was completely fine. I'm eating fine, my baby is fine, and everything will be fine. One less thing to have to stress out about. I have since put on one of those pounds that I lost, and I plan to stay within .5 to 1 lb a week! And that, is why I'm in love with my dr. For not making me stress about yet another thing during this pregnancy!


andrea said...

glad you like your doctor, that is SUCH a huge deal!

and, just get used to the chaos of the house and laundry, it will beocme your new normal and that is OKAY!

Anonymous said...

Loving your doctor is a MUST because you'll be seeing him A LOT!!!! haha... I tend to gain huge amounts of weight with my pregnancies for some reason and it causes for a lot of stress! Sounds to me you're doing great! Keep up the great work and glad to hear you're finally getting some of that energy back... I'm starting to hit the slumps again, heading into that 3rd trimester (yikes!!)... my house for sure hates me now! LOL

Mama Reg said...

YAYYYY!!! great blog :) im glad you are feeling better! wooo counting down the days now til you know!! :) :)