Thursday, January 13, 2011

Why Hello There... AGAIN...

Welp, I'm sort of back. I really enjoy reading everyone's blogs, and commenting on them some of the time. The problem is, I don't really have a "knack" for writing. To be completely honest, it bores me. And so, writing stories and memories are hard for me. I wish I had more talent, but come on now, I'm an accountant. I clearly know my strengths :-)

I'm going to try and make a conscious effort to blog. Not everyday, that's unrealistic! Maybe not even every week... I mean I think my life is interesting, but in reality, I bet you guys don't get a rat's bum what is going on in my life! But I am going to TRY and put forth the effort of writing things down. I'll let you know how that goes in.... a few weeks!

First... I'm pregnant. No surprise there! Let me rephrase that... I was SHOCKED when we found out we were pregnant, but our family, don't get my wrong, they were excited, but they were almost like... about time. It was funny telling them because they were so excited, yet some even said... well you've been married going on three years, it's about time for babies. It made us laugh.

On a more serious note, I'm so happy that we were fortunate enough to play the "roll the dice" game and get pregnant. I know so many people that struggled to get pregnant, or are still struggling and I actually was scared to tell some of them. We weren't even trying and I felt almost as though they would feel like I was rubbing it in their face. It took me a long time to get over that and be happy for myself and my family. UGH... funny how emotions work, especially those pregnancy hormones.

Then, after I found out I was with child, I felt FINE. For like 3.5 weeks I had to keep taking tests because I still hadn't convinced myself that there was actually a child in there. My friend who is also pregnant right now just kept saying, in a very loving way lol, "I hate you!", "I can't believe you're not sick at all!", "I can't even look at that food, and you're over there LOVING it!"...well have no fear friends... the day AFTER Turkey day (thank goodness!) I got hit with this overwhelming nauseated feeling. Oh and it stuck around until about 2 days before Christmas! I couldn't have planned this better if I tried. I was sick, very sick actually, but the sickness fell between the two big holidays. I was seriously upset because I thought my Christmas dinner would be Cheerios and skim milk!

I'm finally getting over the constant poopy feeling, and I'm just at the random poopy feeling days. Right now, I can't decide whether my child is wreaking havoc on me again, or whether I'm actually coming down with something nasty. Since I can't take anything, I'm going to have to buckle in and enjoy the ride. We'll see what happens next!

Ok, now that I've filled you in on what's been going on in my life over the past few months, and I promise you that is about ALL that has happened. HEHE... Whoever said pregnant women are more in the "mood" lied, I feel like poop everyday after work and that is like almost the last thing I want. My poor husband :-( To finish off this post, I'm going to leave you with a few things I've learned over the past few months about my body, my baby, and everything else!

1. My child wouldn't stay still for the ultrasound and we still haven't heard a heartbeat yet. I already know this child is taking after his/her father.
2. I never knew I could sleep 12 hours a night and still be tired!
3. I have an undying love for Velveeta mac and cheese! My mom is buying it in bulk for me at Sam's Club.
4. I'm stressed out over the daycare/babysitting situation.
5. I pee alot!
6. I'm sick of water and I still have 7 months of pregnancy!
7. This dry spell better end soon, my heart wants to be intimate, my body does NOT!
8. My mom is so excited to become a grandma! She can't get a smile off her face and every conversation we have is about babies, pregnancy, or ends up there!
9. My mom's sisters, aka best aunts in the world are JUST as excited as my mom. I'm the first with children and they can't wait. They want to help with the nursery, shopping, and ANYTHING they can!
10. I can't wait to be well into my second trimester so I can get my hair dyed :-)


Mama Reg said...


#1: dont worry, i think the dry spell will pass lol. the "in the mood" feeling rarely hits anyone in the first trimester. its the feeling poopy time lol!

#2: we will have to talk about the babsitting stuff :) :)

#3: AMAZING that you are loving mac n cheese. it really is FUN to find things that you can eat and are SOOOO GOOOD while pregnant :) :)

again i am so happy for you guys :)

Anonymous said...

I think you're doing a fantastic job being pregnant! Every woman does it differently... believe me this is baby #3 and not an ounce of this pregnancy is the same as my other two. Kaylee's I was dealthy ill and thought about dying, haha I was so tired of seeing the insides of the toilet it was insane. Asher's was all about fainting (man was I ever happy to have delivered him and let it all end) and this pregnancy has been all about braxton hicks and no appetites. I have no desire to eat and my stomach gets soooo stinkin tight you'd swear this baby was being squeezed out or something... but in the long road, the ending results are always the same, one beautiful miracle!!!

As far as the dry spell goes - I can't help you there. I have no desire whatsoever and I'm almost into my 3rd trimester. Poor hubby will just have to wait until I'm myself again. I hate it because like you said, I want to be intimate but my body does not. Hang in there love!! Enjoy this pregnancy because before you know it you'll be celebrating your little ones 7th birthday and wonder how in the world you made it this far and this fast!! Time does not standstill when you have little ones! God bless!!