Thursday, April 23, 2009


So, I love to be outside as much as the next person, but what I don't understand is how we here in Ohio think that 60 degrees constitutes shorts and tank tops, tops down on the convertible, and not putting an f-ing jacket on a young child.

We live in the apartment complex in Stow where, I have decided, children do NOT have responsible parents. One day, and this is the honest truth, I was sitting outside reading and I had Zoey outside and a bunch of children came up to pet her and ask questions about her, that's fine. She is one of those dogs that attracts attention. But, the next day, I had one of the little girls knock on my door and ask if Zoey could come out and play. SERIOUSLY? She's a dog. Then, when I said Zoey couldn't come out and play she asked me to come inside and play with her. That's all I need, to be suspected as the neighborhood stalker by letting young kids into my house. Don't get me wrong, I love children, but I do not like it when children have no friends and no parents to play with them that have to play with my dog. UGH!!!! But anyway, back to my story... these kids were outside in shorts and tank tops and no shoes, at like 7 at night... when at its highest yesterday it was 60. Where are their parents? I am not a parent, but yet I know that 60 is not 90 and kids should still be in long pants and sleeves and SHOES!!! UGH!!! enjoy the weather today I went on a nice brisk walk. It was great, besides the terrible aching that happened in my leg. I am super excited to get this all taken care of and HOPEFULLY be done with knee problems forever. STUPID SOFTBALL. Don't get me wrong, I am completely greatful that I was given the great opportunity to play a sport in college, none the less, get my school paid for, but I am not sure if it is totally worth all the pain and agony I went through and am still continuing to go through with all the knee pain.

Well, I hope everyone enjoyed the great day outside, and is planning to enjoy the weekend. We are having a cookout/bonfire with friends this weekend at our place. I LOVE entertaining, so tonight Joe and I went and bought a fire pit and scouted out the flowers I am going to buy to make our patio a nice place. I am so excited. I LOVE SUMMER AND WARM WEATHER!!!

I hope everyone has GREAT plans for the weekend!

Love, Tricia


Mama Reg said...

i was seriously laughing at loud. neighborhood stalker lol!! that was so funny. i feel ya on this one. we had neighbors in TN (i guess this sort of thing doesnt just happen in the south) and the kids were like 1 and 6 and they never had shoes on. and usually the 1 year old was in just a diaper. and it would be like 50 outside?! poor kids! and they would always ask us to "come out and play!" i was like "where is your mom?!" you make the kid, you play with it! HAHA!

thats good you get to be outside and enjoy the weather!! oh you will have to fill me in on your surgery?!?! or i will stay tuned on here :)

andrea said...

oh how i love unresponsible parents... nice.

i love being able to plant flowers and entertain - especially in the summer.