Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Honeymoon

Well, after requests to explain my comment about how our honeymoon was terrible, I am going to go ahead and give you the entire story, complete with pictures, so if your not up to reading a "review" of Ocho Rios, or you are a HUGE fan of Jamaica, don't read this! Otherwise, here's the whole story...

First things first, our wedding was wonderful. It was a beautiful day with no problems whatsoever. We had so much fun getting to spend the day with the ones we love and ultimately, getting to marry my best friend.

The day after our wedding, we got to go to another wedding (we seriously went to at least one wedding every weekend in June, including our own). My mom's best friend, well her son, whom I went all through school with and our parents always joked that we would get married to each other, well he married someone else, as did I. But we still laugh, we literally got married the same weekend, who would have thought. Anyway, we went to that wedding the day after ours. We were absolutely pooped so we didn't stay much past dinner. Then on to the honeymoon...

Joe and I booked our honeymoon a year in advance. We were so excited that we had saved up enough money to go to Sandals. We had heard what a great place it was to honeymoon. Thankfully, Joe's parents bought us our airfare for Christmas so we had everything covered. We left from Canton Akron airport REALLY early. THe flight was long, but smooth and when we got off the plane, they ushered everyone going to Sandals to this room where we waited for our bus to come. They had beer on tap, so of course, Joe loved it, and our bus came very shortly afterward so it wasn't bad at all. Halfway to our resort, we stopped ad this little roadside shack to go to the restroom and get some food, it was like 1.5 hours away from our resort, so we needed it!

A few days into our stay, they decided to up our room because we were still very unhappy with our room. I wore flipflops in the shower because it was so dirty. So that made our week better.

All in all, we felt that we were completely misled and that some place that is so incredibly expensive should be worth it's money. Joe and I have both been on all inclusives that were much cheaper than "Sandals" and we have had a nicer time. I'll show you some pictures and leave you knowing that we ultimately had a good time because we were together, but we were sick at what we got for our money in Jamaica.

If you do ever go to Jamaica however, make sure to climb Dunn's River Falls. It was by far the most awesome thing we did on our trip. It was awesome!



renee said...

thanks for the story, i asked for! :D i am so sorry it wasnt the best time. how was the food? i know they have a bunch of restaurants. i am still hoping to win the free trip down there though (not in ocho rios). honestly, i would be happy if it were a free trip ANYWHERE with a beach and no kids. lol.

Mama Reg said...

im sorry too, that sandals was such a hoax! eww dirty shower?! lol. your pics are so cute though!!