Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Exhaustion has Officially Set In...

This week has been so incredibly exhausting, and I am only at Wednesday... Are you kidding me?

I am an accountant... not a very fun job, I have to admit. But this week has just about put me over the edge. The other staff accountant's wife went into early labor last weekend and gave birth to their first child on Friday. Well... this week is close week. And for us here in accounting world, that means deadlines, and tons of work, and working late. Well without my partner in crime, guess who get's to do ALL the work. None other than me! I already have approximately 40 hours in this week and it's only Wednesday. Good thing I'm on salary... NOT!

Of course, on the day when I have most of my deadlines, the system crashes and so I have spent more time at work in the past 3 days than at home, with my husband, and my puppies. SERIOUSLY?

Ok, enough of the work rant.

On another note, I have been intensely reading and commenting on several blogs lately, and I really like it. But I am getting the feeling that my life just isn't as important as others. I don't have children, I don't stay at home and have cute stories for everyone's enjoyment. Don't get me wrong, I love reading about everyone's life. BUT... I have reasons for not having children yet. Like the fact that I kept my promise to my parents, and finished college before marrying my HIGH SCHOOL sweetheart. Go ahead, do the math, that is nearly 6 years people. My parent's really wanted me to finish college, or else they wouldn't pay for our wedding. Fair enough! Then theres the whole idea of being married for a little while. If you read some earlier posts, you would see what exactly I am talking about in the way of "reasons why Joe and I are not having children yet."

I know this is probably just the exhaustion talking, but I felt as though I needed to get that out.

I am seriously getting ready to go to bed. With new puppies, lots of work, and knee surgery on Friday, I have a lot on my plate.

Until next time,



andrea said...

oh i love the layout!
gawd i can't imagine working that much...ok not at the moment anyway! i have been there, done that a few times and i know how much it SUCKS!
hang in there - it's already thursday!!

and you're life is just as important as anyone elses, just saying. don't let people make you feel bad about NOT having kids etc. - we waited almost a year before trying and there is no way we would have been ready sooner than NOW! (and really, are you ever REALLY ready?)
mike and i were talkign the other day - we have been together for 9 years nxt month! isn't that nuts?!!

Mama Reg said...

hey girl.

sorry for your busy week! hope you catch up on some relaxing you time this weekend!!

i really admire how hard you work. and i know you also love hard in your relationships and it always inspires me to try harder in mine!! dont feel bad about not having kids yet! have em whenever you want, you have time! :) i am always so excited to read your blog!!

i love you and i am so glad we have re-connected!!

renee said...

your life is definitely as important as those of us with children. there is a purpose for all of our lives. and i envy you for waiting. trust me it was no picnic have maria three weeks after we got married (even though it was early). we never got to just be married. two weeks after our honeymoon, we were in the hospital. i think you should have them when you want to have them.

and good luck with work. i remember the summer josh worked 70-80 hrs a week. it was HELL. we never saw each other and he never saw maria. good luck and remember, this too shall pass. :D