Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thank You...

Today I would like to thank the ignorant butt that sat behind hubby and I at dinner and DIDN'T TURN THEIR CELL PHONE TEXT MESSAGE NOTIFICATION OFF. They seriously got a text like every 2 seconds, and this was freaking loud. Not to mention rude, annoying, and obnoxious all wrapped up in one.

I would just like to fill you in... if you are that person who is constantly texting on your cell phone, let me be the first to tell you... it's rude.

So, thank you to all you people who cannot put your phone down for long enough to take a freaking breath... and thanks for letting all of us know how popular you are.


andrea said...

oh i so agree!
granted, i am on my blackberry all.the.time for work - but if i am at dinner or with company (even just mike) i try really hard not to answer it!

it drives me nuts when i talk to my sister and she is txting someone the.whole.time....what happened to being a human and TALKING?!!

renee said...

OH I AGREE. i am very anti texting. i hate when i'm talking to someone or at dinner or something and they keep texting. i just feel like, why am i even here? obviously someone else is more important. then at the movies on saturday, some guy answered his phone and guess what he said "no, it's ok. i can talk" and he proceeded to do just that. wtf?