Thursday, May 14, 2009


I have a question for all of you avid readers. Last night, on our way to dinner, Joe and I were listening to the radio (Maxwell Show). It isnt' my favorite, but we usually listen to what I like, so I have just come to terms with the fact that on weekdays before 7, if we are in the car, Maxwell is on the radio.

Anyway, last night they brought up the "fact" that 40% of couples in marriage counseling are there because one/both partners have a myspace/facebook page which ultimately led to the fighting.

Seriously? I use facebook as a way to connect with people who I haven't talked to in a long time. Not to hook up with random men while my husband is at work. HAHA! These idiots were calling in on the radio saying their significant other was setting up dates and sending naked/inappropriate pictures to others. My husband just laughed. He hasn't been on his facebook page since we graduated college. He feels that it is stalkerish and sees the people he wants to, and doesn't talk to anyone that he didn't before. We have different opinions on that, but that doesn't mean I am cheating.

I just could not get over these idiots on the radio the other day. So my question to you is... most of you are married or taken women. Does your hubby/significant other feel threatened by facebook, and would you get rid of it if it did?


renee said...

well i agree with you that its a great way to keep in touch with old classmates/friends. i have lots of friends that dont live around here and its nice to be able to keep them updated on stuff (also the reason i blog).

in my opinion, the ppl whose relationships are struggling b/c of facebook/myspace/blogging probably didnt have a very good relationship to begin with. if you would go online and try to get dates then you would also go to a bar and try to get dates. either way you are a cheater and shouldnt be married.

josh doesnt have a problem with it at all. the only time it bothered him was when some old "friends" from high school were sending me really mean messages and emails that i am a terrible person and going to hell and they feel sorry for my kids b/c i'm such a terrible mother. and i think that just upset him for obvious reasons. he doesnt want anyone talking trash to his wife. other than that he is fine with me being on here.

buuuuttt...if he did have a problem with it and it was causing problems in our relationship, i would give it up for my marraige and just email the friends i want to stay in touch with.

andrea said...

maxwell... always brining up the controversy.

if some internet website is going to put you in marriage counseling, you were headed there before!

if something would happen and mike didn't want me on it/i didn't want him on it - i am sure it wouldn't be a big deal.