Friday, May 15, 2009


I am writing this blog because I have no one to talk to. I know most of my readers are proud parents of humans, but I consider my dog my "child". Joe and I got her right before we got married and love her so much.

When we got her, I had heard that Petsmart offered "puppy insurance". I looked into the price and weighed it out and decided to do it. NEWSFLASH: I should have looked at the backrounds of the doctors too. While we were having Zoey spade they knicked a nerve. To this day they still say she was born that way, but she was fine before that day. We have kept her alive since then, watching her legs get worse by the day.

This week, she couldn't even keep her back end up on her own, she is having accidents all over the house, and we have to carry her everywhere. Joe and I had to sit down and think about this logically. We decided that tomorrow we were going to take Zoey to be put down. She is suffering and we are being selfish keeping her alive. She will be better off in puppy heaven where I hope she can walk and keep herself up.

She is a great dog, and I hope to someday have another dog like her.


renee said...

oh. i am sooo sorry about that. i know that must be rough on you. you did everything you could for her and gave her a great life.

andrea said...

:( that breaks my heart. i am so sorry

btw, how is your knee?