Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bucket List

I have been reading people's bucket lists online and I thought I would make one of my own. One with things that I have already done, or want to do in my lifetime.

Here goes...
1. Step foot in all 50 states
2. Fall in Love (check)
3. Have a child
4. Travel to Paris
5. Be a fitness instructor (I have to get fit first LOL)
6. Have a dog on the dog brigade at the hospital
7. Work doing something I thoroughly enjoy, not for money
8. Read Little Women
9. Be a foster parent
10. Live in a different state
11. Go to Mardi Gras (even though I hear it stinks there)
12. Renew my vows on my fiftieth wedding anniversary
13. Make it to my fiftieth wedding anniversary
14. See a play on Broadway
15. Own a vacation home
16. Watch the Olympics live
17. Go back to college
18. Own my own business with my husband
19. Have a life-long friend (working on it, love you Britt!)
20. Learn how to scrapbook and complete a scrapbook

It's just a few things off the top of my head, that I feel are very attainable "life goals" if you will.


andrea said...

i love your list!

i started couch 2 5k today - i made it! lol i am actually really excited to do this. i am hoping by augustish i can do a 5k or run part of the akron marathon in sept.

Tricia said...

Hey...maybe I will join you lol! I am supposed to start running again next week! We'll see!

renee said...

i am the scrapbook queen around here (when i have time). so if you ever need assistance, give me a call :D