Monday, April 27, 2009

We're Expanding!!!

And no... it's not a baby.

Joe and I decided to add to our family by buying another dog this weekend. We love Zoey, but she is truly handicap and we aren't sure how long we are going to have her with us :-( We made the decision awhile ago that our next dog was going to be, as Joe puts it, a "real" dog. A, big, lovable, lot of dog. I was ok with that as long as we chose a breed that was kid friendly and loyal.

I have always wanted a dog that SOMEDAY I will be able to take with me to a hospital as therapy to little children who are sick. I was in the hospital when I was a kid (for nothing major) but I was there when people brought in their dogs. I have never seen children light up like that. So, ultimately, some day I want to volunteer some of my time to make that smile appear on people's faces as well.

Long story short... we went out to Lake Milton on Saturday when Joe got off work and picked up our second little bundle of joy... Riley!

More on her later, I promise!


Mama Reg said...

AWWW! she is adorable!! gabe loves her too :) he is pointing at the screen and saying, ruf ruf! lol. and i think that is such a good idea about taking her to the hospital!!

andrea said...

jacqui's 2 boxers are 'canine good citizens' she takes them to the hospital and such!