Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It’s Been Awhile…

Hello there not-so-avid blog readers (for no other reason than because I haven’t posted in like 10 weeks… or so it seems!) I do apologize for the time, and frankly, I miss blogging and reading the overwhelming comments I get… but I’m in a rut so this has taken a backseat.

As you may know, Joe and I moved into our house this past weekend. By moving in, I mean bringing an overwhelming amount of boxes full of what I have deemed sh**. I have thrown away more in the past few days than I probably have in my entire life. I’m starting fresh, and it feels great. Unfortunately, the fact that we are in is about the ONLY thing going right in my life right now. Let me just tell you about my terrible (possibly the worst I have ever had in many years!) weekend.

First, Saturday morning I have to go pick up the moving truck. The lady behind the counter, while very nice, was way too nice for 8:00 on a Saturday. Long story short I get there and she tells me I’m not old enough to drive the truck. The cut-off is 25 and guess what… I’m only 24. Thankfully I tell the lady I have 3 people at least 25 with me. She proceeds to give me the keys anyway and brush off the fact that I was “underage.” Twenty minutes later we are on our way to the storage shed that has all of our CRAP! In a matter of an hour we had everything loaded up and ready to be unpacked “at home!”
Anyway, after a few hours of moving everything from the storage unit into my house, we were taking a break and some of my husbands incredibly idiotic friends show up with no intention of helping at all. They proceed to set up cornhole and bring a keg and hang out in our backyard. No… I’m not kidding. My husband gets home from work to the craziness and tells his friends he needs help moving some couches, I mean after all, they are drinking themselves stupid in our new backyard. They are pissed that we needed help because they just came to drink and figured all the moving would be done. That would have been enough to set anyone over the edge, right. Oh no, that is just the freakin’ tip of the iceberg people!

After a few more hours of moving, I decide to take the moving truck back. One of my friends is going to follow me and we are going shopping afterwards. What I thought would be a nice way to unwind a crazy hectic day. Well, we get all the way to the truck rental place when I remember that I have to put gas in my truck before returning it. So I take off towards a gas station that I thought would be easier to pull a huge truck out of, into traffic. I find this little (and I mean really little) gas station on the side of the road and don’t see any reason why I can’t get in there. I mean I’ve been driving all day and I haven’t had a problem. Boy was I wrong!

I proceed to pull into the gas station and I knicked the corner of the gas pump. I truly knicked it, I’m not trying to make what I did seem littler than it really was. So, me being the nice and honest person that I am (oh, and did I mention if I would have just left, they would have seen my enormous box truck!) I go inside and tell the foreign attendant that I bumped the gas pump. He comes out to look at it and says that it doesn’t look like anything to him, go ahead and pump my gas. So that is exactly what I do. Until I look over and see that the gas pump I hit (not the one I’m pumping gas from) starts uncontrollably spewing gas out of the bottom of it (not even where I hit it!) I go inside immediately, pretty much sick to my stomach by this time and tell the attendant to shut the thing off because there is gasoline EVERYWHERE! The manager (also foreign) comes out and starts yelling profanity at me and telling me what an f’ing idiot I am for trying to bring the truck into his gas station. Now he is going to sue me… yada yada yada. Now I’m pissed. I’m done with being upset. This guy is yelling and screaming at me over an accident. Not to mention the fact that there is now gasoline all over the place and pooling in the road. All I keep thinking is someone is going to throw their cigarette and I am not even going to get to enjoy my brand new house. The police finally show up and we file a police report and the very nice police officer pumps the rest of my gas for me and takes me inside to pay just to make sure someone doesn’t get hostile again. I don’t get a ticket or anything because it’s on private property. So when I get the rental truck returned and I get home like 5 hours later (no shopping) I call my insurance. They are so nice and tell me to expect a call before noon on Monday.

Yesterday I got the call telling me that they DON’T cover any vehicles that the cargo is separate from the passenger area. So basically, I’m up a crick without a paddle. I’m waiting on the next step and hoping that the man who owns the gas station has an ounce of human in him and just lets his insurance pay for it and lets me pay his deductible or something along those lines.

Moral of the story… check with your insurance BEFORE renting a moving truck. Oh… and don’t hit the gas pump!

I’ll continue with my **wonderful** weekend in my next post.


Mama Reg said...

AHHHHH!!! OHH NOOOO!!! wow...ok yeah praying this freak is an ounce of human...aww that is stinky!! now i see why you could use some coffee :) i will txt you!!

andrea said...

ahh! that seems bad enough, there can't be anymore.

I hope it works out and they have a heart!

renee said...

awww you poor thing! that is awful! i feel terrible. i really hope things work out for you guys.

and btw joshs fam is the same way when it comes to moving. they stood around and watched (pregnant) me moving a house full of stuff and even after being asked to help they whined and bitched and barely did anything. by the end of the day josh says "i never realised how f***ing lazy my dad and brother are". it was actually kinda funny.

Connie Weiss said...

Oh man! That sucks about the gas pump.

I would have throw those guys out!