Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wonderful Weekend Pa

So… after everything went crazy on Saturday, things got a little better. Joe proceeded me home after the “accident” and told everyone to leave me alone and not to razz me about it so when I got home, not one person mentioned my stupid mistake. After everyone left (yes, I made EVERYONE leave except one friend who was already asleep inside and he didn’t have anyone to drive him home) and Joe and I were home alone, we talked for a little bit and he told me everything was going to be ok and to stop worrying about it (yeah right!). We went to bed that night with the hopes that things are going to look better.

Sunday morning Riley wakes me up as usual, at about 7:30 AM. That is about the longest she can hold it from the night before. I get myself up and get some clothes on to take her outside and notice something really weird out the front window. First I realize Joe’s friend is already gone and then I notice that the doors and trunk on Joe’s car are wide open. What the heck? I know that Joe wouldn’t have left it like that, especially not overnight. I immediately assume it was one of Joe’s friends that left the car doors open before they left the night before as a prank of some sort, although I can’t quite figure out what the reasoning behind it would be. I do a quick inventory of the car and head inside to wake Joe and tell him what the heck is going on. I also call Joe’s friend to see if he did it. I talk to him for a minute and find out that his car was also broken into and his GPS and digital camera are gone. Joe looks around his car and notices that NOTHING is gone. Not even the 20 he left in plain sight in his center console of his car. We lucked out, but we felt terrible for Joe’s friend. And… before you ask. No… we didn’t file a police report. I had had my fill of police officers for the weekend and nothing was missing from Joe’s car. The only things that were missing were from friend’s car, and he was already gone.

AWESOME. I’m looking forward to a much better weekend this coming weekend!

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renee said...

well at least you got lucky on that account. i really hope everything goes well with the other stuff. as maria would say "it's ok. you don't do that all the time. it's just a assident" lol