Monday, June 15, 2009


I have been personally struggling with this issue for awhile now. I feel that, now that I am a married woman, there is no need for the wild clothing really anywhere. Not at a bar and especially not at work. Getting hit on by guys at bars is not my idea of a fun night. Especially with my husband sitting next to me! So I am asking what I feel is a very appropriate question. When do you think it becomes necessary to throw out those little girl “hoe-clothes” and start dressing more sophisticated?

Now, on to the reason I am asking the question… I have been employed at two companies over the past year, and at both places I have come across some interesting people. At my first job, I worked directly with a lady who is the same age as my parents (pushing 50), never been married, and dressed so inappropriately for work and her age. She was constantly wearing clothes that were too tight, and I think she found them in the juniors section at the local department store. And to boot, she was constantly wearing these CRAZY shoes. Way too high for her, and expensive and crazy. Now don’t get me wrong… I LOVE SHOES. I actually have an unhealthy obsession with shoes, but I don’t wear my high heeled hot pink stilettos to work with my conservative outfits.

At my current job, I work with a lady who I think is divorced, has a daughter my age (meaning she’s probably pushing the same age as my parents as well) and dresses out of control. I mean she wears see-through shirts, 6 inch heels and pants that are way too tight. What is the deal here? Why are these women trying to dress like they are 18 and on their way to “the club?”

I don’t know why this bothers me so much? Maybe because I have given up my love of crazy clothes (not only because of my age and status, but also because I don’t feel that I feel HOT in them so much anymore.) and I cannot figure out why these women who are older can’t give it up as well? I just stare in awe everyday at what these women are going to be wearing.

I have my own opinion as to why this goes on, but I would like to hear from you guys too! Maybe with some of your ideas, I can let this go!

Thanks for reading :-)

I mean, seriously, is there anything wrong with an outfit like this...


Connie Weiss said...

When I was employed....I worked at a Collection Agency and most everyone dressed up. The bosses wore suits and ties so dressing up was appropriate.

I swear we had a bunch of ladies (from 25-55) that were part time hookers! It was ridiculous! If I were a boss...I wouldn't let that fly!

OceanDreams said...

Thanks for coming over to my blog and your sweet comment! I think that a lot of ladies don't have respect for themselves and may have been raised with the idea that this is the only want to "get a man" and get attention. It's really sad but this is the world that we live in. A lot of girls no longer believe in conservative dress codes and instead don't worry about themselves and what they are wearing - they dress to get attention, like I mentioned. A lot of it too stems from low self esteem. I was raised to be modest and dress in a nice and self respecting way. I bet by you dressing modestly you will be standing out to these woman and maybe they will get the hint! Love the outfit example you used, by the way. ;)

renee said...

i look back at some of the things i wore to work before i got married and blush. all the men in the office loved it, of course. but for me it was just nice to be checked out and noticed. but i would say my sexy clothing went by the wayside when i had maria. one reason, is b/c i had gained weight and when i went to buy new clothes, i just didn't look as good in them. another reason was that i had turned a new leaf in my life and i was more concerned with being classy and being a good wife and mother than looking hot. i think back then i had such low self-esteem b/c i really didnt know who i was. so if i could get a compliment on ANYTHING i was gonna take it.

Mama Reg said...

lol...this was witty!! i like your picture. that IS a cute respectable outfit! i want it! lol.

andrea said...

ohh i love that outfit... and i love shoes as we all know so well.

i love this post!