Wednesday, June 10, 2009

You want me to WHAT??? Updated

Really, I have to step on that scale in front of everyone? Seriously? Today is my “weigh-in” day with Weight Watchers. My first weigh in day. I am freaking nervous. I don’t know why, I have a good idea that the scale is going to go down from last week, but I’ve worked so hard, and to see it actually quantified is absolutely horrifying. What if I didn’t lose? What if I regret putting that beautiful little, Weight Watchers, ridiculously small, mint chocolate chip, 3 point sundae in my mouth last night? (Seriously, these are all the crazy things going through my head right now!!)

I’ve tried to lose weight before with websites such as e-diets or sparkpeople, but I’ve been the one holding myself accountable, no one else. And frankly, I suck at holding myself accountable, at least for long periods of time! I just have to face it!

So I decided that if I pay for it, and have to check in with someone weekly, I would do better. And, I know some of the people at the meetings with me, as I work with some of them! That has always been my case. I work with deadlines, and bosses, and get nothing accomplished on my own!

I have totally found that I’m OBSESSED with what I eat and what I take into my body (you probably already know that if you started reading at the top of this post lol). Last Wednesday, I just decided to join Weight Watchers that day, and I haven’t looked back. I haven’t had a regular pop in a week, I have thought about how many “points” every single thing I take in is going to “cost me”. So anyway, I just needed to get a few things off my chest before I weigh in at noon today. I promise I will keep you posted, I just hope I lost as much as the work that I put forth! AHHH… darn nerves!

I kicked the scale's butt. That's right I lost 3 pounds, 3 freaking pounds seriously just watching what I eat. I love Weight Watchers!


renee said...

i'm sure you're doing great. but if not, don't get discouraged. and the good thing about the weigh-in is that you are surrounded by ppl who are all doing the same thing as you.

andrea said...

that is AWESOME!!!! keep it up!